Legends of the Wailing Blade Contest Submission
Calling all writers, your pals at ComixTribe have cooked up a cool contest we want you to know about!

For the upcoming new WAILING BLADE Volume 1: Headtaker collection, there will be an all-new section in the backmatter called LEGENDS of the WAILING BLADE.

No one really knows the origin story of the ancient technological relic wielded by the Headtaker known as the WAILING BLADE. But in every town and tavern, a different tale is spun about the true origin of the most fearsome weapon in the Tyrant's arsenal.

We're collecting a number of super short, one-page prose stories (250-500 words) recounting those legends that try to answer two questions:

1) Where did the blade come from?

2) Why does the blade wail?

Many of these stories will be matched with pin-ups from up-and-coming artists.

We've already received some amazing stories by established comic pros that will be included in the new volume.

But we know there's a tremendous wealth of talent in the ComixTribe fanbase, so we're opening up at least ONE spot to a writer in a new open-call contest!


If you're interested in submitting a Legend of your own for consideration, here's what to do:

1: Go download and read a FREE Digital copy of WAILING BLADE #1 to immerse yourself in the world and get familiar with the world of the WAILING BLADE here: https://comixtribe.s3.amazonaws.com/WB_01_DigitalDeluxe.pdf

2: Write your 250-500 word Legend of the Wailing Blade in a Google Doc.

3: Submit your story below!

All submissions must be received no later than October 20, 2020.

Answer the questions below and then submit to enter!
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Additional Details
If your Legend is selected as a contest winner, you will receive:

- $50.00.
- A complimentary WAILING BLADE: Volume 1 Hardcover.
- Your Legend will be included in the new print collection.

Winner(s) will be selected at the sole discretion of the ComixTribe/Wailing Blade team.

Additional Terms

By submitting your Legend, you're giving ComixTribe the non-exclusive right to read, review, and share for promotional purposes your story, whether or not it is selected as a winner.

We may choose to share a number of our favorite semi-finalist stories during our upcoming Kickstarter launch via email, social media, and Kickstarter updates.

We may also open up one or more spots to be included in the collection to our fans to vote who for their favorite.

If you are selected as a winner for inclusion in the official print version of the book, you're giving ComixTribe the non-exclusive right to publish your story in this volume of the Wailing Blade or any future volume. The Wailing Blade, Headtaker, and all characters contained in the Wailing Blade mini-series are copyright Rich Douek & Joe Mulvey. All rights reserved.
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