PEcAn Project GSoC application 2019

Please fill in the form to initiate your application process. Note that this form is long and requires extended responses in many areas, so you are unlikely to be able to complete it in a single sitting. Although Google Forms should cache your responses, we recommend that you work on your responses to each section in an external editor and paste them in when you are finished to avoid losing your work.

This form consists of 5 sections:

1. General information
2. Technical review of PEcAn software
3. Review of PEcAn project management and software development practices
4. Project specific technical task(s)
5. Scheduling considerations

Please read carefully and answer every question (except technical tasks for projects that you did not select, as discussed below). Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

For any inquiry, please use the slack chatroom:

When you have completed the form, please email your project-specific mentors indicating that you have done so, and attach your resume or CV.

After submitting this form, someone from the PEcAn team will get back to you with feedback within 5 business days.

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