Keeping College Instructors and Students Connected During Coronavirus Disruption
As colleges go remote, we're helping instructors and students stay productive and connected.

Scrible is the most advanced platform ever built to support research and writing, which historically involves face-to-face check-ins during class time, office hours, etc. Instructors met with students to review and provide feedback on their research (e.g. articles, annotations, citations) and writing (e.g. outlines, drafts, bibliographies).

Scrible centralizes all student research and writing work online and makes it available to instructors from anywhere. They can access student work remotely to assess it and provide feedback asynchronously within Scrible, eliminating the need for in-person check-ins. We're helping instructors and students continue their research and writing work despite COVID-19 disruption preventing them from meeting in-person.

We're offering Scrible Edu Pro until July 1, 2020, at lower prices to help instructors and students going virtual due to COVID-19 disruption. Individual plans for instructors and students are now $5/person. Institutional subscriptions (e.g. department, campus-wide) are now less than $2/person.

If you're interested for yourself or your college, sign up now ( to start your free trial and complete this form to confirm your discounted subscription.

If you have questions, please email us at

Wishing you good health!
-Victor & the Scrible Team


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Less than 50% of college freshmen are ready for college level research and writing. Scrible changes that. Scrible Edu is an award-winning, Google & Microsoft partnered and integrated research and writing platform. It lets students curate, annotate, manage and collaborate on articles in the cloud. It supports writing with citation capture, bibliography and outline editors and Google Docs and Microsoft Word integration. Students use powerful tools to scaffold and organize their work. Instructors use novel analytics to support personalized instruction for the vital research and writing skills students need for college success.
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