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Nominate someone you believe is deserving of the Sexy Brilliant Award Recognition

What does it mean to be Sexy Brilliant?
Do you know someone who is passionate about their purpose, is unapologetically authentic and does more to lift people up than to put them down.
If so, please nominate that person for the Sexy Brilliant TM Award.
Everyday, the team at Sexy Brilliant TM celebrates a nominee who is Sexy Brilliant TM.
We post their picture on ALL our social media including Instagram and web page.
All Nominees will be invited to participate in a Gala where some will have an opportunity to speak about their passion project. Lets work together to bring more brilliance to the world.

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As the person NOMINATING other nominees we honour YOU and your time and effort. Every month we will be recognising one of YOU and rewarding YOU with a chance to win in the monthly draw to receive a Sexy Brilliant Gift Card which can be used towards our books, gala, store. Be sure to visit and sign up to be part of the community, its absolutely FREE. All winners will be announced via our newsletters.
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DISCLAIMER: All nominees must give their consent before they can receive the SEXY BRILLIANT award recognition. Award winners will have there picture and name posted on various Social Media Profiles that are managed by Devina KAUR Group inc. This may include but not limited to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest,, Profile include but not limited to TheDevinaKaur, SexyBrilliant, SexyBrilliantBRAND and all its other affiliates. Do you have permission from the nominee to submit their name for consideration? *
We understand what it is like to be different and be a brilliant misfit. Devina Kaur is born and raised in India and understand the cultural shame and stigma of being different and unique. The SEXY BRILLIANT movement will help you in your journey of inner wealth. Please watch the video from our founder @TheDevinaKaur on winning the top immigrant award into Canada.
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