Volley Weekend Registration 2019
Weekend Volley Details
Weekend Volley duties are another way for active club members to add value to the Club, support the Staff during the season, offset work party levies and work towards a season pass.  Four beds are put aside every Saturday night for Volleys.  Help is particularly needed for busy weekends such as Freeride Comps, Curling day and Club Races etc.  It is a perk of being an active club member to be able to come up and do Volley days on any weekend.  
*Only paid up active club members can do volley days    
*Only 4 x work party days can be earned from doing Volley days in winter, the 5th must completed during the next summer work party time to earn a season pass for the following winter.  
A Volley weekend entitles members to:
Dinner, bed (in the Volley Hut, located outside near the hot tub), breakfast lunch the next day (all meals) for $25 per overnight stay and two work party days.

A single Volley day entitles the member to free lunch and free skiing and one work party day.
A Volley ski pass will be issued via the Canteen which allows the member to ski for free when they have concluded their duties for the day, or at the Manager’s discretion.

In exchange, the Volley must:
Arrive in good time on a Saturday morning (9am or thereabouts)
Be prepared to be ‘on duty’ for 5 hours.  If the Manager feels the volleys skills are appropriate, they will be given field duties, and may be asked to carry a radio and be engaged in any task the Manager deems required and helpful ie:

Checking tickets at the Main Tow (need H&S induction for tow shed and starting tows)
Supervising the Access tow (helping with gear, teaching people to get on, starting and stopping the tow etc)
Skiing rubbish down
Hauling incoming and outgoing ski-weekers’ gear if they can’t manage it
Carpark duty (directing parking if super busy powder day or event)
Marking hazards on the field with paint or bamboo field stakes (upon specific direction from Patrol)
Help out with pulley adjustments or Tow maintenance where suitable (upon specific direction from Patrol)
Helping out with any emergency matters that might arise - ie: running errands for staff if they are dealing with trauma case and need extra hands (need to be competent and familiar with Ops room layout and emergency requirements)

Indoor Volley tasks are:-
Kitchen prep or clean up (usually lunch and dishes)
Helping stock the Canteen from the storeroom below
Hut cleaning if the outgoing ski-weekers need support
Kitchen and hut washing – tea towels etc

The duty person is not ‘off duty’ until the Manager says so – having said that, past Managers always balanced work requirements with a ski break sometime during the day so it's basically at the Manager’s discretion and as the work flow permits.
A Volley Duty Person should not:
Turn up, do one hour of duty and expect to ski for free for the rest of the day
Expect a bed without booking in to do a volley Duty – same rules apply to booking for accommodation.
Book a bed, say they are going to do volley Duty and not turn up - v bad form as people will be relying on extra help. (Also, the bed could be sold!)
Give lip to the Manager and refuse to do tasks because they want to do something else. Tasks should be allocated on skills and work availability.

Please note this change to previous years: If for any reason you are unable to be volley for your chosen weekend and it is the week preceding said weekend, you are responsible for finding someone to take your place.

Please indicate what weekend/s you would be available to do Volley day or weekend.  Once booked into a bed you will be sent an invoice which must be paid straight away.  Volley beds are prepaid just like everyone else.  
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