Bowling Green Fire Department Customer Satisfaction Survey
BGFD Online Customer Satisfaction Survey-
Please take a few moments to complete this online survey so we may serve you better.
1. What date was this emergency? *
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2. This type of emergency was.................. *
2a. Comments on the emergency type
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3. Were you the person who requested the Fire Division to respond ot this emergency? *
3a. Comments regarding your role..........
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4. Prior to this emergency, how many times have you experienced a response by the Bowling Green Fire Division to a location you were at ? *
4a. Additional Comments
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5. How quickly did the first Fire Department Responders arrive at this emergency ? *
5a. Comments about the speed of our response to your emergency.
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6. How professional were Fire Department members in their handling of this emergency ? *
6a. Comments about professionalism
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7. How satisfied are you with the Fire Department's resolution of this emergency ? *
7a. Comments about the way your emergency was resolved.
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8. Bowling Green Fire division equipment drivers are cautious and drive with due regard for safety when responding to emergencies.
8a. Comments for Fire Division drivers
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Any additional comments or thoughts about your emergency which will help us improve our service ?
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