CXC 2019 Volunteer Application
Hi there! Thanks for your interest in volunteering for CXC. We are so excited to welcome cartoon and comics fans of all kinds to our 2019 volunteer staff. CXC runs from September 26th through the 29th this year, and we can't wait to bring the festival to life once more with your help.

Please use the following form to tell us about yourself and the kinds of work you'll be interested in doing for CXC. Our FAQ is available at for most of the details you'll need to know, but feel free to contact us at with any questions.
Name: *
Please feel free to include your pronouns if you wish. This is the name that will be used for all CXC communications and volunteer administration unless you request otherwise. Check out the FAQ at for more details on how we use this information.
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Are you a returning volunteer? *
What is your age as of September 26, 2019? *
Please note that we are currently unable to offer volunteer positions for applicants under 15 years of age. We're sorry!
Do you live in the Columbus area, or would you be willing to travel here for the volunteer orientation (generally 1-2 weeks before CXC)? *
What days and times are you available to volunteer? *
Please note that indicating availability for several days does not necessary commit you to volunteering on all of those days, and some positions require multiday commitments.
How many hours would you be interested in volunteering? *
Would you be interested in volunteer positions that require driving?
Please note that all CXC volunteers who will be operating a motor vehicle during their shift must be licensed and insured.
I would be most interested in volunteering for positions involving (select up to 4): *
Not sure what these duties entail? Please see our FAQ at for more information. Please note that we will have a particular need for programming assistance for our LGBTQIA+ track this year; some of this programming requires additional training on our harassment and inclusion policies. Please indicate in the details section if you are interested in these roles.
Would you be interested in a leadership role (e.g., programming management)?
With CXC growing each year, we rely on a number of devoted volunteer leaders to keep each branch of the event running smoothly. These roles require a significant time commitment, excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, and a high level of comfort with working in a team and delegating tasks. Not sure if this is a good fit for you? Feel free to drop our coordinator a line at
Clear selection
Please describe any relevant skills or experience you have that would be useful in a convention setting (e.g., working with specific technologies or high-profile guests). If you are a returning volunteer, please include a description of your previous duties with CXC.
Tell us what you love most about comics:
If there is any other information you would like us to have while reviewing your application, please let us know here.
Thank you for applying to volunteer for CXC 2019!
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