Enneagram Focus Group
I'm doing a research study determining the link between clutter and the enneagram. Thank you for your candor, honesty and participation.
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Section 1: About Me
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I would describe myself as an *
How long have you been studying the enneagram *
I struggle with physical clutter in my home? *
I feel emotionally attached making it difficult to part with items? *
I don't mind decluttering and organizing, I just don't have the time to do it *
Section 2: TRIADS
Triads deal with the 3 centers of intelligence that is most developed: Otherwise known as Head, Heart, and Gut
I am in the following Triad *
Section 3: STANCES
There are 3 stances: Aggressive, Dependent, Withdrawing that relate to our repressed center of intelligence
I am in the following stance *
Section 4: Orientation to Time
Orientation of Time has to do with each stances reference point of either the Past, Present or Future
I tend to remember and focus on things that happened in the past *
I am forward thinking, and always planning for the next step *
I have enough on my plate in front of me, I'll deal with the future when it gets here *
Section 5: Clutter Pitfalls
I put off organizing because (check all that apply) *
I spend more time planning projects than actually doing them *
I tend to make things more complicated than it needs to be *
When I am decluttering my closet I tend to reminisce about when I last wore something, who gave it to me, or how I feel about the item *
I feel guilty about getting rid of something that is in good condition or cost a lot of money *
I don't like to get rid of things for fear of making a mistake *
Section 6: My Approach to Organizing
If I decide that I am going to declutter a space I just dive right in and start pitching things *
If I decide that I am going to declutter a space I carefully map out a plan before I get started, knowing exactly where everything is going and how I am going to set it up *
My philosophy is "done is better than perfect" *
When decluttering, I often feel guilty about getting rid of things (check all that apply) *
As long as I know what to do, I am fine working by myself *
When decluttering a space I can only work for a limited amount of time before needing a break due to overwhelm or fatigue *
When decluttering a space I work from start to finish even if it takes me all day. *
Even if I know exactly what to do, without someone else helping me, I will procrastinate or not do it at all *
Section 7: Habits and Behavior
I don't mind leaving my house with a sink full of dishes *
I make my bed everyday *
I open my mail everyday as soon as I get it *
When it comes to decluttering, I tend to procrastinate *
When I am faced with decluttering, I struggle with making decisions *
I spend a lot more time thinking about getting organized than actually doing it *
If I don't see it, it doesn't bother me *
I can feel my stress level rise when my house is disorganized *
As long as everything else in my life is going well, a cluttered space doesn't bother me *
I often and easily feel overwhelmed when it comes to decluttering or staying organized *
I am constantly second guessing my decisions and like getting permission from others before making a decision *
I never feel as though I have enough time to get everything done *
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