AU-ECOSOCC e-Symposium on "Constitutional Order During Emergencies: State of Emergencies and protection of Human Rights in Africa"

African Union ECOSOCC in line with its mandate to reach-out to Africa Union Citizens has since March 2020 been organizing a series of awareness webinar on COVID19 to build the capacity of Civil Society Organisations in Africa and empower them for effective and coordinated response in support of government efforts to end the spread of the virus in Africa.

In further looking at the effects of the pandemic across sectors in Africa and the process of post pandemic recovery, various Clusters of the AU-ECOSOCC are organizing a series of e-Symposium to discuss some of the burning issues in the continent.

In this edition, the Political Affairs Cluster of AU-ECOSOCC and Society for Democratic Initiatives will be addressing the theme: "Constitutional Order During Emergencies: State of Emergencies and protection of Human Rights in Africa".

The COVID outbreak has witnessed the declaration of state of emergencies by several African governments to tackle the pandemic in their respective countries. State of Emergencies, however, suspends constitutional rights, gives extraordinary powers to governments and state apparatus, and often trample on fundamental human rights. This discussions will bring you the realities of how the enforcement of states of emergencies have fared on from across the African regions. Practitioners and experts will unwrap what happens when constitutions are suspended and share experience from their respective countries.


🔹️ Richard, former PO of ECOSOCC, Presiding Officer (Emeritus), ECOSOCC

🔹️ Patson Malisa, Deputy Presiding Officer, ECOSOCC

🔹️ Prof Yousar Abourabi UIR- Science Po. Rabat

🔹️ Mr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Chair Political Affairs Cluster, ECOSOCC

🔹️ Mr. Ngalim Eugene Nyudine, Former Chair Peace & Security Cluster, ECOSOCC

Date: Thursday, 28 May, 2020
Time: 12:00 UTC

Deadline to register: 18:00 UTC on 27 May, 2020


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