Schedule Change Request Form: Fall 2020                                    (closes Friday, August 21st)
If you would like to request a schedule change, fill out the this form. There is no need to contact your counselor as well. Once the counselors have read your request, they will email parent and student informing if they were able to fulfill the request. If you have not heard back from the counselor then that means they are still working on your request. Students, please follow your current schedule until you are notified that a change has been made. Please do not submit another form in hopes of getting a quicker response, that will only slow down the process.  This process requires patience!

Top priority schedule changes include: having a hole in your schedule, repeating a course you’ve earned credit in, multiple courses in the same period, and being enrolled in a course for which you do not meet prerequisites. Changes made for other reasons will be very limited.

Please know that we will do our best to accommodate change requests; however, sometimes circumstances simply will not allow the preferred change.

When requesting a level change (moving from an Pre-AP course to a lower-level course or vice versa), data will be coupled with your request to inform the decision.

We will not overload classes to accommodate schedule change requests.
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If your schedule change request is approved, you are authorizing your counselor to change your entire schedule if necessary (including teacher changes) to accommodate your request. This also could mean that you have one teacher for the fall semester and a different teacher for the spring semester for the same course. Please realize that once a requested change is made, we cannot return to the original schedule. *
Schedule changes must require parent approval. Parents, click this box saying you approve of this request for a schedule change and that you are aware of the parameters in making a request for a schedule change. *
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