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I'll use the information you provide in this form to bring your recipe to life. Once you submit your answers, as well as your payment, I'll send you a sketch within three business days.

If you're giving this recipe as a gift, you may want to use the time while I'm creating it to find a frame, so you're ready to wrap it once it arrives on your doorstep. A frame that fits standard 8"x10" will be just right.

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i.e. 'Grandma's Chicken Soup' or 'Gooey Chocolate Brownies'
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You can separate out the ingredients and the instructions, or you can have them incorporated like a narrative recipe. It's up to you! No matter what, try to keep it as short as possible (while still staying true to the recipe).
Story Behind the Recipe (optional)
Tell me about the history of this recipe, where it comes from, when / why you eat it, and any specific memories you have around this dish.
Personal Touches (optional)
Tell me about the favorite colors or character traits of the recipe creator, any special equipment / plates / utensils you associate with the dish – anything that will help me capture the personality of the dish (and the people who make it!).
Style Notes (optional)
Further help me capture the style you're looking for by selecting the qualities you'd like me to bake into the artwork (or add your own).
Upload Pictures (optional)
Do you have photos of the finished dish, original recipe cards, people associated with the recipe, or any special plates / plates / equipment you'd like me to incorporate visually? These are extremely helpful. If you're unable to upload images here - don't worry! Just send them to me by email at
Desired Deadline
Are you hoping to receive this recipe in time for a special occasion? Tell me what that date is here, so I can make sure it arrives on time. Creation of your artwork will take about 2 weeks, depending on your response time to clarifying questions and the initial sketch. After that, you can budget up to 3 weeks for shipping outside of the EU, up to 2 weeks for shipping within the EU, and up to 1 week for shipping in Denmark.
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Receive the recipe at your own home, or send directly to the gift-receiver.
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If you're shipping the artwork directly to the gift-receiver, I'm happy to include a note.
Right to Publish *
My work is about preserving food culture for generations to come, and at some point in the future, I hope that will include the creation of a book. That book may be a collection of cherished recipes from all around the world. Please let me know if/how you would be comfortable with my using the image of your recipe.
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