Australia should be a Sovereign Nation independent of the British Monarchy.
This form is for Australian voters to communicate their Will on this question to their elected representatives.

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* To make the initial voting experience simpler the 'Representation', 'Secret Ballot' and 'Personal Defaults Settings' for 'Consensus %' & 'Voting Compulsion' have been prefilled. Once you feel confident about this process you can change these also if you wish.
* When you are satisfied that you won't be changing your vote then select 'Finalised' to lock your vote in.
* Once a clear consensus has been reached For or Against then the question will be closed for further voting. If circumstances change or there is relevant new evidence the vote can be reopened.
* As this question is for demonstration purposes voters are not required to provide verification that they registered to vote. When the time comes to communicate the Will of the voters on this question everybody who has voted will have to verify that they are registered to vote.

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How Important is this to you? Note that there overall Importance will used with the Overall Urgency to determine the consensus level required to pass the vote on this. The higher the averaged importance then the higher the % of votes need to reach a consensus.
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How Urgent is this to you? Note that there overall Urgency will used with the Overall Importance to determine the consensus level required to pass the vote on this. The lower the averaged Urgency then the higher the % of votes need to reach a consensus.
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How confident are you that the people who are proposing this know what they are on about and that the supporting information is based on verifiable evidence?
I offer myself as a Representative and declare that I'll faithfully represent the will of the voters who select me to represent them on this matter. *
If you select Yes then your name will appear in the 'Representation' dropdown list below after you have submitted this form.
Note: If you selected YES to being a Representative your Representation must be "Self" and, you cannot select Vote option "Assign Proxy Vote To Representative".
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If you don't have the time or inclination to be directly involved in this then you can select another member of this group to represent you. Note that you can still select a direct vote ( Yes, Undecideds or No ) or you can assign your proxy vote to your representative and they will decide how to vote. If you decide that your representative is no longer representing you faithfully then you can choose another Rep or just represent yourself.
If you are directly involved in this then select one of the voting States ( Yes, Undecideds or No ) or if you want your representative to decide then select 'Assign Proxy Vote To Representative and your vote will be added to thiers.'
Secret Ballot *
If you want your vote to be visible to the other members of the group then select 'Yes'. Note: Functionality to implement this has yet to be completed. At the moment nobody can see your vote. However, they can see that you have voted.
To help make this a reality you can contribute financial, material or your time and skills.
Financial Contribution
If you wish to make a financial contribution then you can pledge an amount here. Specific fund raising appeals are shown as GoFundMe links under this item on the Dickson Reps Policy page.
Financial Contribution Released
If you have pledged a financial contribution then you can choose to release a portion at a time.
Other Contributions
If you have other skills or resources that you wish to contribute to make this a reality then list them here.
Finalised *
When you are satisfied with your vote then select 'Yes' to lock it in. Note that once the majority ( more than the required consensus ) level have finalised their vote then this item will be deemed to be resolved and will be closed until such time as the finalised level falls below the required Consensus Level. Up till the vote is closed then you can re-open you vote by selecting 'No' to finalised.
Personal Defaults Settings
These personal defaults are used to calculate the variable consensus & associated compulsory voting and required quorum. If you do not need to change these then scroll to the bottom of the form an hit 'Submit' button to save changes you've made to your voting data.
Personal Settings - Consensus %
1. Importance High / Urgency Low *
2. Importance High / Urgency High *
3. Importance Low / Urgency Low *
4. Importance Low / Urgency High *
Personal Settings - Compulsory Vote
1. Importance High / Urgency - Low *
2. Importance High / Urgency - Medium *
3. Importance High / Urgency - High *
4. Importance Medium / Urgency - Low *
5. Importance Medium / Urgency - Medium *
6. Importance Medium / Urgency - High
7. Importance Low / Urgency - Low *
8. Importance Low / Urgency - Medium *
9. Importance Low / Urgency - High *
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