Tai Chi Berkeley - Info for Remote Classes
This form is intended to gather contact e-mail addresses and information Lenzie needs in order to provide remote instruction and practice during the "shelter-in-place" period of the coronavirus outbreak that requires temporary cancellation of regular classes.

Please answer all the questions below, even if you believe/know that your e-mail is already recorded in the database Lenzie uses to communicate information about his workshops.
Name *
E-mail address *
Please check the classes you've attended anytime in the past ~6 months (check all that apply) *
If Lenzie offers remote instruction, do you think you would participate (assuming the schedule and technology work for you)? *
If you participate in Lenzie's remote instruction, which of the following types of internet-connected or phone devices do you think you would use to participate via video and/or audio? (Please select one device, the primary / preferred device you anticipate using.)
Clear selection
Have you used any of the following communication platforms / programs / apps / sites to participate in remote meetings, classes, conversations, or other communication? (Check any with which you have any hands-on experience. These are the most likely technologies Lenzie will use to provide remote instruction.)
Would you like Lenzie to add your name and e-mail address to the database he uses to notify students of upcoming workshops? (Announcements are *very* low traffic - one to three announcements per year; follow-up for specific workshops only to registered participants.) *
Thank you!
Lenzie will send out information about remote instruction soon. E-mail notification will come from TaiChiBerkeley@gmail.com, an address that Lenzie's student Steve Masover manages and monitors.
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