2019 ACEPT Site Practicum Fair Feedback Survey
We value your opinion!

Please complete the following survey if you attended the ACEPT Practicum Fair at Roosevelt University on December 6th, 2019.

This feedback is helpful to improve the Practicum Fair Experience.
How would you rate your overall experience of the 2019 Practicum Fair? *
How would you rate the 2019 Practicum Fair as a venue to interact with prospective applicants? *
How would you rate the 2019 Practicum Fair as an avenue for connecting with other professionals in the field of psychology and mental health? *
How would you rate your experience of registering for the 2019 Practicum Fair? *
Did you attend the Site Presentation reviewing the ACEPT Notification Guidelines? *
If you attended the Site Presentation, did you find it helpful in clarifying the Guidelines and Notification Process? *
How could we improve this Site Presentation?
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Please share any comments or suggestions for next year's Practicum Fair?
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Thank you so much for your feedback! We strive to meet the needs of our ACEPT Community and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

ACEPT Executive Committee
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