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Pay close attention to our current recruitment process, read the main OP before submitting this, especially the recruitment area explaining the process:


Player Information
Main Character Name? *
This needs to match you main character in-game exactly.
What is your Family name?
As shown in Black Desert.
Your e-mail address for contact *
Important, as it's needed for notices/reminders about guild meetings and giveaways. If you didn't already get an invite from this link: https://lgcslackautoinvite.herokuapp.com/ then we will send you an invite.
Which guild do you see yourself in? *
This tells us which guild you'd like to join. We have guilds for all types of players, and all guilds perform the same events/PvP together (except limited sieges). Members can move between guilds as skill, time, and training allows. This is where you're honest about your dedication and time you're able to put in BDO.
Are you on Slack? Can you use Teamspeak for PvP? *
We are using Slack over Discord due to the plugins/security. If you've never heard of Slack before, think "IRC meets Skype". It's basically a cleaner version of Skype/Discord. Be diligent in looking for your Slack invite over the next few days, check inbox and spam often. Slack is super-important for most everything we do. If you are not setup in Slack and/or do not have Teamspeak installed, please do not submit this survey.
What do you know about us from in-game already? *
We accept all forms of salt.
What do you bring to the guild that makes you unique? *
Top-rated PvPer? Any skills outside of gaming? Any connections? Any guides/tips? Streamer? Etc.
Not bad eh? We skip through the trivial stuff. Your performance in-game is what matters to us. Once you submit this, get yourself online in Slack, be patient and get your perms in Teamspeak when you can. Ask in Slack about the next openings in Dommestici and Legatum. Then later if you want, move into Veritas. See you in game. *
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