Student Civic Pledge to Support Social Distancing
Please take the following pledge to help stop the rapid spread of the Coronavirus in our community, our state and our country at large. Your individual effort combined with others who take this pledge will make a difference in the lives of many people as we come together as citizens for our common welfare.
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As a young person and citizen I realize my individual decisions can impact not only myself, but my family, my friends, my community and at times my country and world at large. During this time of national concern over the spread of the Coronavirus, I agree to follow the recommended guidelines of social distancing as my civic duty to my fellow citizens of the town of Middletown, NJ. I agree not to gather in social groups in my home, in my friend's homes or out in the community until further notice from government officials, In doing so it is my hope that my individual efforts, combined with those of my friends and classmates, will stop the spread of this virus in our community to keep our friends and neighbors of all ages healthy and safe. *
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