Pre-conference Form
Hello parents! I would love if you would fill in this form to tell me a little bit about how fourth grade is going for your child. That way, we can ensure that our short time together is focused on what is most important!
Parent/Guardian Name(s): *
Student's Name: *
How is your child feeling about fourth grade? What is their attitude toward school? Is there anything that makes them anxious? Is there anything that they're really enjoying? *
How is the homework going for your child? Is homework a stressful time at home or are they able to complete it without a problem? *
Would you prefer to have homework sent home on Friday and be due the following Friday? I prefer not to give students homework over the weekend, but also understand the busyness of extra-curricular activities during the week. *
Do you have any other questions or concerns that you would like to address at conferences?
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