2024 SCC Prayer Survey
Beginning in January 2024, Sanctuary Columbus Church will be intentionally reflecting on and practicing the spiritual practice of prayer. In order to do that, though, our pastoral team would love to first hear from you what prayer has been like for you so far.

Please, know that this survey is anonymous and is not meant to compare or shame any of our SCC framily. This is truly an opportunity for our SCC Pastoral team to hear from a large number of our framily at a time so that we may serve you better.

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Please, describe your level of membership with Sanctuary Columbus Church (SCC). *
In which of the following ways do you usually attend SCC services?
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Please, self-identify using the “Other” option if your preferred identifier isn’t listed.
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At Sanctuary, we want to create sacred spaces for people with unique, marginalized, or often overlooked identifiers. Which of the following would you use to describe yourself? *
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Which of the following have you personally dealt with at any time in your life? *
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Please, define "prayer" in your own words. *
When in your life would you say you began praying on a regular basis? *
True or False: "I pray more than once per day." *
Which of the following things related to prayer-- if any-- are uncomfortable for you or make it difficult for you to pray? *
In 2023, our monthly Prayer Nights were hosted on the 4th Tuesday of every month. What-- if anything-- made it difficult for you to attend those services? *
Which day and time would work best for your schedule for a monthly prayer service shared with the rest of the church?
(Check all that would work best for you)
Morning (between 9am and 12pm)
Evening (between 6pm and 9pm)
What is the most enjoyable thing about prayer for you? *
What questions do you have about prayer? *
What else would you like our pastoral team to know about your experience with prayer? *
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