CAURS 2020 Inter-School Board Application
Welcome! We are excited to bring new faces and ideas to the CAURS Inter-School Board.

All students who wish to be on the Inter-School Board, including previous board members, should submit an application.

As a member of the Inter-School Board, you will be expected to:

- attend monthly meetings (twice monthly as the event approaches), usually on Saturdays or Sundays

- attend the symposium on April 4, 2020 and attend the preparation meeting on the preceding Friday night.

- complete all assigned tasks and volunteer for other tasks as needed

- respond to emails promptly and professionally

Organizing a symposium of this magnitude requires a coordinated effort from dedicated individuals. As such, board members will be held to a high standard and will be asked to step down if they are unable to complete tasks on time or are chronically absent from meetings.

You may expect to spend about one hour a week completing tasks, and 2-4 hours or more a week (depending on your position) as the symposium approaches. Please consider your availability and personal interest in the organization before joining CAURS as a board member.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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