Call for Applications: The Black Sea NGO Forum - 2017
Thank you for your interest in the 10th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum, which will take place during the 4th - 6th of December 2017, Kishinev/ Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

In order to apply, please take a few minutes to fill in this form. Please note that the application must be filled in ENGLISH.

By filling in this application form you will be part of a selection process based on your motivation to participate at our event, experience and possibility of follow-up after the event.

The deadline for submitting applications is the 24th of October 2017.

For the selected participants, the organizers will cover the following costs: transport, accommodation and meals (lunch, coffee breaks and the welcoming dinner on the 4th of December).

For logistical reasons it is extremely useful and important for the organizers that you indicate a mobile phone number where we can reach you in time.

The general communication language at the Forum is English. During the sessions of the Forum translation will be available into and from English and Russian.
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What is your motivation to participate at the 10th edition of the Black Sea NGO Forum? *
Please present in a few words your relevant experience that recommends you as a participant at the Forum. *
Did your organization develop regional projects in the Black Sea Region, in accordance with the thematic and cross-cutting cooperation areas of the Black Sea NGO Forum? *
If so, please check the corresponding boxes:
If you selected one of the options above, please provide a short description of the projects. *
If you have relevant regional experience in other fields than the ones mentioned above, please provide a short description (include the country/countries where the projects were implemented):
Which of the thematic and cross-cutting cooperation areas of the Black Sea NGO Forum is of interest for you and your organization? *
Please check at least 2 of the following boxes:
Are there topics you are interested in, which are not included above? If yes, please briefly mention them.
Are you interested to contribute to the development of regional thematic networks and initiatives in the Black Sea? If yes, please describe how.
The Black Sea NGO Forum's agenda includes a space for parallel thematic workshops. Are you interested in organising such a workshop during this year's edition? If so, please describe below in a few words your workshop proposal.
This is an optional question. If you are intested in organising a parallel thematic workshop, please describe the theme of the workshop, its objectives and the way in which it is linked with the Forum's cross-cutting cooperation areas stated above.
What do you expect to learn from participating at the event and how will you apply it afterwards in your work? *
Thank you for registering!
We will confirm your subscription by the 31st of October and hope to see you in Chisinau!
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