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Are you desiring any added embellishments on the item.(i.e. grommets, rick rack, appliques, iron on transfers, binding around edges,etc) Embellishments are generally $1 extra per item
Will you need anything screen printed for this request (Screen printing is a one time $25 set up fee then generally .$1 per screened pieced)
Embroidery- Do you need anything embroidered for this project or would you like to add any embrodiery?
Embroidery $25 extra per line. Thread color add an extra $10
Any special requests?
Is there any special request you desire for this item?
Please add a link or links of images that show me the idea(s) of styles of aprons or dresses that sloely resemble the style you are looking for so I can get you the best sketch possible in a Trisha Trixie version
Go to web page, rt click image, select Copy save image URL, come pack here, then past url
Make SURE you have submitted your info and it went through. Any entries left not submitted will not get to me
The progress bar at the bottom right corner shoudl say 100% you made it. If not, please go back and finish filling out or checking off anything that was REQUIRED
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