Usability tester sign-up sheet
At Tech Connect we advocate the need to enhance technologies for all users by helping organizations understand how to make their tech more accessible and usable. We're driven to ensure better user experiences for all users.

If you are interested to help us in testing websites and applications we'd love to have you join us. The main condition is that you have a verified disability.

Other requirements include:

Technical requirements
You need to have a computer or smart phone.
You need to have a microphone either internal or external.
You need to have a webcam either internal or external.
You need to have a standard browser program installed on your device to join the sessions (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, i.e..).
You need to have screen recorder (QuickTime) installed on your computer or mobile phone.
You need to have a fast and stable internet connection.

Personal requirements
You need to an active internet shopper or online bank user.
You need to be at least 18 years old.
You need to have a PayPal account to get paid.
You need to have an active email to see new projects.
Dual language testers are preferred.

If you have any problems answering this form please email us for assistance
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What is your nationality? *
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What languages can you read and write and comprehend well on the web? *
What disability(s) do you have? (if multiple please choose those relevant and add in Other) *
Did you have your primary disability from birth or other reasons *
Give us some extra details on your level of disability. For example: I am totally blind and use a cane independently to move around. *
Are you registered as a person with a disability in your country or where you live? *
What is your highest educational level received? *
What is the subject area of your latest degree *
What are your hobbies and talents (if you don't have any type none) *
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