Berkeley Summer 2019 Team Blind
We are using this form to collect registration for team blind. Please only submit this form *ONCE* for each team. If you do not have a WCA ID yet, simply write "None." Team Blind will start 15 minutes before lunch will begin and we are planning for it to take around 30 minutes.

Team blind is an event where two competitors cooperatively solve the 3x3 cube. One competitor, the "caller," communicates what moves to do to the other competitor, the "solver," who performs the moves.

We will follow the WCA Regulations as best as possible. The relevant changes are:
1. Starting/Stopping the solve
1. The solver must have a blindfold on before the inspection period begins.
2. The competitors will be given the usual 15 seconds of inspection with warnings at 8 and 12. Both members can touch the cube during this time and both competitors can communicate
3. Only the solver may start/stop the timer.
4. The usual penalties for starting/stopping the timer apply.
2. During the solve
1. Unlike blindfold solving, no paper will be placed between the solver and the cube. Because of this, the solver should place the cube so that the blindfold is clearly obstructing the line of sight, but this will not be enforced. We are trusting you to not abuse this rule. This is supposed to be fun.
2. Both competitors may talk during the course of the solve.
3. Miscellaneous
1. We will hopefully separate partners to different tables, but, if that is not logistically possible, we expect pairs to make the best effort to not eavesdrop on adjacent teams. Again, we are trusting you not to cheat. This is 100% for fun.
2. The competitors may switch roles (caller becomes solver and solver becomes caller) in between solves.
3. The competitors must not communicate with anyone but each other during the solve.

**Cutoff and time limit:** We will have a cutoff of 2:30 and a 5:00 minute time limit for this event.

The first 24 teams who sign up and who are registered for the competition will get to compete (that is, we will give preference to groups that fill out this form first and are registered by the registration deadline rather than those who registered for the competitions earlier and filled out this form later). In order to compete, you must be available to judge and scramble for Team Blind.

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