SkyWell Wellness Survey 2017
DriveWell SkyWell Campaign
What is your graduation year? *
Do you have a permit or driver's license? *
Have you ever received a ticket for a moving violation (ex: speeding)? *
Do you drive to school? *
Have you ever gotten into a car accident? *
When you drive or are a passenger in a car, do you wear your seatbelt? *
Which of these driver actions should NOT be done in a roundabout?
What is the speed limit on the Skyline campus?
Do you observe the speed limit on Skyline's campus being followed?
How do you get to school? *
Which of these choices will help you to decrease distracted driving?
In your opinion, what percentage of students drive recklessly or unsafely while on school property?
Everyone drives unsafely
Everyone drives safely
Should the gate to the student lot (by the parent drop off) be open or remain closed all day? *
As a pedestrian, what is the safest way to cross the roundabout or intersection?
Do any of these instances at Skyline make you feel unsafe? If yes, check the appropriate boxes. *
Would you support a no-idle zone at Skyline? (Turning off your engine while waiting in the parking lot) *
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