Domicile to Duty Travel Form
Arizona Department of Administration - Risk Management
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Vehicle domiciling requirements:
-Personal use of the vehicle is prohibited.
-Use of the State Vehicle is for travel between your domicile address and your office/worksite; between your domicile address for after-hours responses; or from office/worksite for authorized responses.
-You must inform your supervisor of domicile address changes within 14 days.
-Vehicle must be parked in a secure area and locked. When parked at domicile address, State owned equipment such as portable radios, laptop/tablets, cellular phones, G.P.S. units, and gear packs must be removed and kept inside the domicile address.
-If you are going on extended annual leave or have other situations where your vehicle is not being utilized for after-hours responses, it shall be returned to the Agency Fleet parking area.
-Maintain a vehicle travel log for review as required by the Agency Fleet.
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