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The following is the first step in adopting a dog or a puppy from the KWWSPCA. We ask these questions to get an idea of whether the dog that interests you will be a good fit for your family.  These questions are necessary and we apologise if they are a little sensitive. However, from experience, it is essential that we have this information.  Under GDPR this information will not be shared with a third party without your consent and in such cases would only be shared for the purpose of a home check.  All dogs are the property of the KWWSPCA and are rehomed at our discretion.  We cannot take any responsibility for the behaviour or temperament of any dog after rehoming.

Helpline: 087 1279835
Reg. Charity No: CHY 6280
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What experience of dogs do the children in your home have?     *
What is your relationship to the other people in your home (Family/friend/flatmate/partner, etc?)     *
Is everyone in the home in agreement with having a dog?   *
What is your occupation?     *
What are the occupations of the other adults in your home?     *
Does anyone in the home suffer from allergies or asthma?     *
Does anyone in the home have a fear of dogs?     *
Who will be mainly responsible for the care of the dog?     *
Who will mainly exercise the dog?     *
Have you had a dog before as an adult?     *
If so, what breed of dog and how long did you have it for? *
Do you currently have a dog or dogs?     *
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What gender are they?     *
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Would they show jealousy towards another dog?     *
Are they neutered?     *
Are they up to date with their vaccinations and recently treated for worms and fleas?   *
Have you ever given up ownership of a dog?     *
If so, why?     *
Have you ever sold a dog?     *
Are there cats in your home or garden?     *
Are there other pets, animals or fowl on your property?     *
Do you regularly have visits from other dogs or have other dogs staying on your property?   *
Do you regularly visit or stay with others who have dogs on their property?     *
If working from home are you involved in childcare or animal care?     *
Is there someone at home during the day?     *
How much alone time would a dog typically have on a daily basis?   *
How many days a week might a dog be left alone?     *
Where will the dog spend most of its time?     *
Where would the dog spend its time when you are out?     *
Where in your home or property will the dog sleep?     *
Will the dog sleep in a dog crate?     *
Where will you exercise the dog?     *
For how long and how often will you exercise the dog?     *
Will you exercise the dog on a lead?     *
Where might you allow a dog off a lead?     *
Would your dog be permitted out onto the local green alone?     *
Will your children exercise the dog alone?     *
If someone is at home now, might they plan on returning to work in the future?     *
If the answer to the above is yes, what measures will you put in place to ensure that the dog has adequate companionship and gets adequate exercise, and is not left alone for long periods?     *
What arrangements will you put in place if you are going away?     *
Do you live in an apartment, house or other?     *
Do you own the property?     *
If renting, whose name is the lease under ?     *
If living in someone else's house, who is the homeowner?     *
Have we your permission to contact the landlord or home owner to verify permission to having a dog?
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If so, please provide contact details?   *
Is your garden entirely secure?     *
What size is your garden?     *
What type and height are the surrounds (wall, fence, wire, hedge etc.)?     *
Could a dog escape from your home or garden?     *
Could a dog get out over, under, or through a gate?     *
Has a dog ever escaped from your garden?     *
Is your front garden accessible from the back garden?     *
Do you lock your gates?   *
Do you have electric gates?     *
Does your front door open onto a street? *
Do you intend moving home in the future?     *
If yes, will your new home permit pets?     *
Have you any holiday planned over the next few months?     *
When would you be ready to take a dog?     *
Do you agree to a home check?     *
Do you consent for your details to be used for the purpose of a Home Check should you be considered suitable for the adoption of a rescue dog? *
Do you agree to buy a Dog Licence and a Dog Collar Tag for any dog that you adopt. *
Do you  agree that if you adopt a dog that is a restricted breed, the dog will wear a muzzle and stay on the lead whenever it is in a public place. *
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