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For large panels it is a good idea to choose adhesive, since it is more challenging for double-sided adhesive tape to hold the weight of large non-adhesive film pieces. Adhesive type is a must for glass panes so large that multiple pieces of film are necessary to cover each panel. It is very, very important to ensure that your existing glass is perfectly clean and perfectly flat (razor blade out all imperfections then clean) to install adhesive film onto it. If your project involves rear projection, remember you must always project from the film side. If you choose the laminated glass, you can project on it from either side. You must indicate the glass thickness you desire for laminated glass, which has to be added to the thickness of the film and lamination layers. All the above must be clearly understood and approved in advance of any work. Also indicate the position you want for the contacts. If your glass or film needs any special cuts or holes, indicate where. We accept schematics, technical drawings, images and napkin drawings.
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Enter the exact size of each glass surface panel, and where the contacts should be. We will contact you with additional questions. Email the pictures and/or schematics to
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