Social Media and Youth
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3. What grade are you in? *
4. Pick your top three (3) most used Social Media apps. *
5. How much time (hours) do you typically spend on Social Media each day? *
6. Rate the usage of Social Media during the "lockdown". *
7. If you rated your usage from 4 or 5 above, do you feel the increase has had an effect on your emotional, psychological, and social well-being? *
8. On a scale of 1-5, in the context of the previous question, please rate the impact Social Media has had on your activities (e.g. sleep, homework, family time, etc.) *
Heavily Impacts Activities
9. What do you use Social Media for? *
10. What do you tend to post? *
11. How often do you tend to check your posts/story notifications? *
12. How often do you compare yourself to what you see in other people's posts (e.g. popularity, achievements, body image,etc.)? *
Most of the times
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