Word and Sacrament by Dan Alger
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Word and Sacrament
About Word and Sacrament

Anglican church planting veteran Dan Alger shows pastors how the rich traditions of liturgical worship are a gift to the work of starting new churches. Word and Sacrament provides a robust framework to plant gospel faithful, missionally effective, relationally strong churches.

While much of church planting today is approached as a new, innovative effort, church leaders can take comfort in the truth that they are simply stewards of what the faithful church has been doing for millennia. By rediscovering the foundations of our heritage, we are able to build healthier, more faithful, and more effective churches. At the same time, the act of planting new churches can breathe new life into these ancient traditions as they are applied to a variety of cultural contexts.

Written from an Anglican perspective to encourage both aspiring and experienced church planters, Word and Sacrament will assist leaders in all traditions to better understand the why, what, and how of the task before them.

· Outlines and contextualizes the Anglican way of discipleship for a global church
· Helps ministry leaders avoid common mistakes in church planting
· Helps those in all walks of ministry to discern their role in church planting

(Releases May 1, 2023)

About the author:

Dan Alger, DMin, has been in church planting ministry for over twenty years, currently serving as the Canon for Church Planting for the Anglican Church in North America. He is also an adjunct professor, speaker, trainer, and coach. Dan is the Dean of the Cathedral at Church of the Redeemer in Greensboro, NC. He is married to Karen, and they have two sons. He is the author of Word and Sacrament: Ancient Traditions for Modern Church Planting. Learn more at danalger.com.
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