Take the Pledge: Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles from Your Concession Stand
One great first step theaters can take towards decreasing their carbon and waste footprints is eliminating plastic water bottles from their concession stands and shifting towards alternatives including drinking fountain water for reusable water canteens.

Why is it important to use fewer plastic water bottles?

1 – Most single-use bottled water is sold in PET plastic bottles, which means they are made from fossil fuels
2 – 9 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year and circulate back into the food chain,
3 – 1 million plastic bottles are purchased world-wide each minute
4 – In 2016, less than half the bottles purchased were recycled.
5 – Your individual theater has the power to keep hundreds of thousands of plastic out of landfills and oceans over the next five years.

Ready to give up plastic water bottles? Take the pledge, and join theaters nationwide in agreeing to eliminate plastic water bottles from their concession stand in service of ecological sustainability.
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