Fatal & Fallen Workshop
Facilitated by Jade Barget and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee (XING), in collaboration with Katarina Sylvan.

Jade Barget and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee will present their research, and in collaboration with Katarina Sylvan, facilitate a workshop to reimagine and reappropriate the excessive space of exploitation films.

Fatal & Fallen looks into the trope of the deadly, fallen, and delinquent woman as pictured in East Asian exploitation films. Spanning the 1970s to late-1980s, the programme examines Japan’s sexploitation films, Taiwan’s Black Movies, Hong Kong’s Girls with Guns and South-Korea’s thriller films. Often rejected by film culture, these genres feature the underworld of prisons, brothels, and even homes as sites of crime, sexual desire, and revenge. Fatal & Fallen indexes the region’s socio-political context, when years of post-war depression, struggling dictatorship, foreign military rule, Cold War and rapid industrialisation seeked an outlet in extreme cinematic imagery – often patriarchal and misogynistic. Whilst acknowledging the inscription of such problematic representations, Fatal & Fallen attempts to locate the socio-political knowledge arising from social negativity in film. Against this backdrop, Fatal & Fallen uncovers the dynamics of power and desire through the bleak yet charged territories of exploitation films.

Programme (presence at all dates is recommended)

Friday 10.06.2022 18:00 - 19:00
Day 1: Jade Barget and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee will introduce the research process behind the curation of the programme.

Saturday 11.06.2022 11:00-17:00 (lunch provided)
Day 2: In collaboration with Katarina Sylvan, we will undertake the making of our own experimental exploitation film, in print form. Participants will be asked to bring images, fragments of text, or any other material inspired by the programme as well as their own research and consumption of exploitation film.

Sunday 12.06.2022 11:00-17:00 (lunch provided)
Day 3: The genres we are looking at – B-series, exploitation films – hold a marginal place in cinema history. Many of the titles of the genres explored have disappeared, and what remains are mainly posters, reviews, music and advertisements. Facilitated by Katarina Sylvan, the last day of the workshop will be spent creating the paraphernalia of our exploitation film. The participants are welcome to bring images, text, paper, stamps, and any material they see fit for our DIY print workshop.

Facilitated by the artist Katarina Sylvan, in collaboration with Jade Barget and Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee.

Jade Barget is a curator based in Paris and Berlin with an interest in screen and moving image cultures. Her research centers on the relations between media and memory. She has widely curated programmes and assists in the programming of transmediale.

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is an interdisciplinary practitioner who works between visual art, cultural and artistic research, and education. Her practice is interested in the iterations of slow violence and the unearthing of micro and muted narratives.

Through sculpture, writings, images and sounds, Katarina Sylvan investigates language’s tangled relationship to the phenomena it tries to describe. Fingerprints, scribbles in the margin, paraphernalia, slips of the tongue all become physical statistics into which she traces the morphology of artifacts and historical events.

XING is a research and curatorial platform championing visual art practices from East Asia, Southeast Asia and its diaspora. It was founded by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and now co-run with Jade Barget.

Admission fee for lunch and materials 25,00 €

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