IDEASS 2018 / 2019 Application
This is the application for the 3-quarter (2-unit) IDEASS-Light Program - Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability through Student Service. IDEASS is designed for students who are interested in following entrepreneurial green-tech innovation and sustainable system design projects for the 2017-2018 academic year.

This year the program will have a special emphasis on the following:
Digital documentary or "storytelling"
Rainwater conservation and stormwater mitigation + Life Lab Curriculum Design
Alternative fuel sources ( plastic-to-fuel) with Clean Oceans International,
Pico Solar Lantern manufacturing, distribution and product quality
"Trash Toss" Game Design to promote municipal waste management and recycling
Wireless sensor networks for Smart Irrigation
Digital Displays for Energy Analysis at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center

New apprentices will shadow and document the challenges and successes of ongoing sustainable design projects. Other students will play supporting roles such as conducting feasibility studies or collecting information about user impacts / needs. Some will become project leaders.

NO SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING BACKGROUND REQUIRED. All UCSC students that have satisfied lower division major requirements are eligible to apply to IDEASS. If you are an ENVS student, you also need to have completed ENVS 100 or be enrolled in the course in Fall 2016.

The purpose of IDEASS is to facilitate the planning and implementation of student-led service-learning projects that use STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as a vehicle to advance sustainable design solutions while empowering students to make real world impacts in the community, support their development as change agents and prepare them to enter into productive careers in the green-tech workforce.

Please answer the following questions completely, honestly and to the best of your ability. Complete the application by clicking the "submit" button below.
If you have any questions, please email
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Rainwater Harvesting at Natural Bridges Green Career Center
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If you are an ENVS major, have you completed ENVS 100 or will you be enrolled during Fall 2016?
This is required only for ENVS majors seeking senior exit credit
Have you taken EE80S or EE80J/180J?
Have you taken any of the College 8 courses related to sustainability?
What interests you most about the IDEASS program? *
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Energy, Water, Transportation, Waste Management, Digital Media, Green Tech, Land Use, Building Design, etc.
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Please list any courses you have taken at UCSC that use quantitative reasoning
The IDEASS Program emphasizes sustainability projects that have a science, math, engineering, or technology component. We encourage students with these interests and skills to apply, and if you don’t have these skills, you should have a strong interest in using science, math, engineering, or technology to address sustainability issues.
Do you identify with a non-dominant ethnic group?
IDEASS requires a 3-quarter, 2 units/quarter commitment, including 5 hours of work per week. Are you prepared to make this commitment? *
How did you hear about IDEASS? *
IDEASS project assignments will determined though a ranking process at the beginning of Fall quarter. There are several ongoing and new IDEASS projects that you will be able to select from, and you also have the option of proposing a project topic. If you would like to propose a project topic, please include a 500 word description here. Your project should be well thought out, have clear goals, a science, math, technology or engineering focus/component, and have an identified mentoring individual or organization. Projects can take place on campus or in the community, although community projects are preferred. While not necessary, if you have any additional information related to this project (proposal, background paper, letter of support from a mentor, etc.), please submit it by email to with the subject heading PROPOSED IDEASS PROJECT.
Answer this question only if you would like to create your own IDEASS project. We cannot guarantee your proposed project will be approved for IDEASS.
Please describe any previous studies, work or volunteer experience you have relating to sustainability. *
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What is the most significant obstacle you have overcome since coming to UCSC, and why?
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Please describe any previous experience you have had working with science, technology, engineering or math outside of the classroom.
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