The Chofetz Chaim Bochurim Minyan of Marine Park
Shabbos Mornings 8:50 A.M. @ the JCC of Marine Park 3415 Quentin Road.
For Bochurim in 8th Grade through 12th Grade.
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Bochurim Minyan Incentives:
Members: 10 Shabbosim- Trip (Skiing/Bowling)
On Time Bonus: (By 9 am)- $10 Gift Certificate to Sushi Spot
Oskim B'tzorchei Tzibur: 6 weeks of doing any of the following
*Erev Shabbos Prep
*Kiddush Clean Up
*Gabbai / Baal Tefilla / Baal Korai
Gift Certificate to one of the following:
Wolf & Lamb / T-Fusion / Savor Cafe / Fun Fuzion / Torah Treasures / Judaica Plus / Six Flags (Chol Hamoed) / iPlay America
Baal Korai: $40 per Parsha ( Must be approved by Rabbi Neiman )
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