Bridge Farm Interest
Thank you so much for your interest in the Bridge Farm project. It is an incredibly exciting project, with so much potential for the site. We are looking forward to making it happen, and hopefully with you too.

This is not an application process for a space on the site. This is to enable us to keep you informed, and to find out what your interest is.

There are two forms to complete depending if you want to live on the site or not.

Form 1: (Everyone). This enables you to provide your contact details, and your general interest in the site, and how you can help the project.

Form 2: (Living on site). This only needs to be completed if you are interested in living on the site. This information will be collected anonymised. ie, we will not be able to equate your answers to you. The purpose of Form 2 is to enable us to understand the demand, peoples interests and what resources those interested in living on the site can bring to the project.

The site is now owned by the Ashley Vale Action Group and the delivery of the project is through a fantastic network of volunteers, with the support of Ecomotive Limited.

Data Protection.
You may be aware that there are new data collection regulations in place (GDPR), which means we need to ensure you understand what we will do with your personal data, and to ensure you have read the privacy notice regarding your personal data.

PRIVACY NOTICE: This information is being gathered by Ecomotive Limited on behalf of the Ashley Vale Action Group (AVAG). Ecomotive will be the data controller. When you leave your details here, you agree to us sharing them with the Ashley Vale Action Group once they have their privacy notice in place and you have seen it.

Address of Ecomotive and AVAG is Unit 2, Old Office Block, 228 Mina Road, St Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9YP.
Your personal information will be used to keep you informed of the project and opportunities to get involved.
It will also enable AVAG to understand the most appropriate routes to develop the site.

AVAG (either directly themselves or through Ecomotive) will most likely contact you in the future via your email address. This will likely in the form of a newsletter or simply an email. There may be requests for more information, or to let you know about opportunities that may be relevant to you on the farm, which could include opportunities to volunteer, to provide services, and opportunities build or part build a home on the site.
Your personal information will not be shared with any other organization or third parties for any reason without your prior consent.
You will need to provide your email address to complete the form. Your personal information will only be held during the development stages of Bridge Farm. Once the farm development has been signed off as a completed project, your data will be deleted. You will have the opportunity to sign up to future newsletters and other projects before your information is deleted.
If you would like your information to be removed before this time, you can contact

Ecomotive's privacy notice is here:
Through providing your information below you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of the Ecomotive Privacy notice.

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