Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre Future Development Survey
Close your eyes and imagine yourself at Centrs. What do you see? You might be seeing yourself in your very familiar ‘home away from home’, here for folk dancing rehearsals, Latvian school, plays, scouts, guides, choir rehearsals, concerts, social events, weddings, ballroom dancing, dinners down in Umurkumurs etc. and you are probably familiar with every corner of it!

Last fall, Centrs conducted an informal survey. What we heard back from the respondents was that Centrs is like our grandparent’s house. It is a very warm, large and inviting place with many happy memories that we just take for granted. It will always be there whenever we want to visit, lovingly looked after by them.

Well, the reality is that our grandparents at some point are no longer able to care for that big house. A similar thing is happening here at Centrs. It is time for us to start thinking about our future because unfortunately the grandparents can no longer look after everything that needs to be done, nor can they continue to pay for it. Like all houses, at some point they require renovation and updating. At some point the house may also become too big to be practical. Of course, there still are many well attended events but if you visit Centrs during the week, or in the summer, you will see that much of the space is under-utilized. If Centrs is the heart of the Latvian community, why don’t we come here more often?

In the future, are today’s youth going to continue to come to Centrs? Will they bring their children to Latvian School, folk dancing etc? Do we still require a building of this size? We don’t know the answers.

As Centrs approaches its 40th anniversary, it is at a crossroads. The Future Development Committee needs your help to determine what the future of Centrs will look like. To make it sustainable, we may need to move down a different path, ensuring a stable revenue stream.

We value your opinions and suggestions so that we can make decisions and recommendations that are supported by the majority of the community.

The responses received for this survey will be completely anonymous. We thank you for your input. It is extremely important to all of us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Roberts Vagners at:

The Latvian Centre is not just a building, but it is the centre of our Toronto Latvian community. Think about the future of Centrs….in 10 years? In 20 years? What do you envision here? Do you think you will be coming here/supporting Centrs?
What brings you to Centrs? What are your favourite activities or events here?
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What kinds of new activities would appeal to you?
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What is missing from Centrs?
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What activities or events do you think would bring others who don’t often come to Centrs?
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What keeps you from coming to Centrs?
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What don’t you like about Centrs?
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Given that the current funding model for Centrs is unsustainable, what would you be in favour of doing to Centrs?
Please check any suggestions that you would agree with (more than one suggestion can be checked off).
Please elaborate on any of the suggestions checked off above.
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What facilities are very important/critical? Please check off preferences.
Do you have any other suggestions in addition to the above?
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What rooms/facilities aren't really needed?
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How would you feel about building and sharing facilities with other national or Baltic organizations that would belong to all the groups?
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Do you have any other suggestions about what to do with Centrs?
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To which age group do you belong?
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