April 2017 Whitewater Rafting Campout 4/21-4/23

Navigate the Deerfield River with Zoar Outdoor. Drop off 6pm Friday 4/21 at Congregational Church, pick up at Town Hall Sunday 4/23 12 noon.

Please beware!!!! even though the air will be warm, the water will be cold still. You should pack some warm cloths to use as a base layer below your wet suit. This should be some type of NON-COTTON long underwear. Additionally if you have some waterproof gloves they would be a good idea to bring along.

Each scout going rafting should also have a separate bag to bring to the rafting outfitters that will contain a new pair of warm cloths to put on after we return from the rafting. You will have a chance to shower and put on fresh clothes upon our return to the outfitter's office.

On Friday, when you are being dropped off, the adults going on the trip will want to hear what you brought for your base layer. We are responsible for your well being on the trip and if you do not have a base layer, you will be going home to get something that we find acceptable.

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