Theatre Design and Production Program
Launched in 2018, The Design and Production Program provides opportunities for LGBTQ2 and BIPOC emerging designers in Toronto to build skills, experience, and professional networks through paid work-learn opportunities and with the support of a dedicated professional designer mentor.

Participants can either take on a designer role for the AMY Project Theatre Program’s final production as part of SummerWorks Performance, or, can work as an apprentice with a professional design on a mainstage production in the Toronto theatre industry. This year participants will have an opportunity to work with designers from The Riser Project.

In all versions of the program, emerging designers are paired with a professional mentor and provided with resources to create beautiful designs in collaboration with other participants and artistic leadership.

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Why do you want to be a part of AMY’s Design Mentorship Program? What aspect of the program excites you and what would you like to get out of the program? Think about your goals and vision for yourself as a designer in the arts and how you would like to get to there. It’s ok if you don’t know the details yet! *
What are you up to lately? Tell us a bit about what you are up to right now. This could be anything from school to work or hobbies, something you like or have been doing lately! *
What is one of the biggest challenges you have had to face? This could be either artistic or something else, something you could be working through, something you feel you have overcome. Could be as long as or as little as a few sentences! *
What’s something you’re proud of? Your favourite accomplishment? Could be from the past or the present or something you’re anticipating to be a prized addition? *
At AMY we are deeply collaborative and driven with impactful connections. This means working in teams, groups and closely with mentors. What about collaboration interests you and what do you think you can offer as a collaborator to The AMY Project?
What barriers and obstacles have you experienced or anticipate as an emerging artist and designer in the arts or accessing arts training? One of the many factors we consider when making selections for the programs is what barriers you have faced navigating the arts world or in general. Sometimes barriers relate to money, race, gender, ability, location (where you live), (not) having personal connections to the arts, being introverted/extroverted, support and encouragement, lack of mentorship and connections, inability to pursue arts training. You’re welcome to tell us about barriers you’ve face or continue to face! *
With the Design Mentorship Program, AMY matches and pairs a mentee(you!) with a mentor(professional artist) for project based arts training and coaching and also general career or life advice as artists. What does mentorship look like to you? What do you look for in a mentor? What are your learning styles? What aspects of your arts practice as a designer are you looking to be mentored in? *
Are you currently in school? If you are, what and where are you studying?
What other arts training or mentorship programs have you participated in before, or are you currently enrolled in? *
Do you have samples of your design work? Attach a link below. We want to look at what type of work and styles you’re interested in! In the past, participants have included Pinterest boards of their works with descriptions and projects. You’re also welcome to send us links if you have a website or any other way of showing us your work!
Did we miss something? Anything else you’d like to share with us or tell us about?
Do you have any access needs?
If you Need Help:
Need some guidance or support completing the application? Please get in touch with The Design Mentorship Program Producer Senjuti S at with any questions or accessibility support needs.
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