Workshop Facilitator Proposal
The Metro DC Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) invites the submission of proposals to provide professional development workshops as described below. The Metro DC Chapter of ASTD is recognized as the premiere association for workplace performance professionals in the Washington, DC area. The chapter provides its members and community with a forum for professional development opportunities and resources to improve the workplace learning and performance industry. The chapter community is comprised of commercial sector, government agency, independent consultants, students, and others in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

The Metro DC Chapter of ASTD uses several delivery methods for providing professional development experiences. The focus of this form is to identify facilitators for workshops. Workshops are typically 7 hours per day and are expected to be highly engaging and interactive with frequent opportunities to apply the skills being learned. Feedback, knowledge checks or other confirmations of understanding are expected. Professional meeting or classroom space is provided. Workshops are not opportunities to sell specific products or services and we do not allow "selling from the podium."

In general, we are seeking content and topics that align with selected elements of the ASTD Competency Model (see These areas of expertise and foundational competencies include:
1) Performance Management
2) Instructional Design
3) Training Delivery
4) Learning Technologies
5) Evaluating Learning Impact
6) Managing Learning Programs
7) Integrated Talent Management
8) Coaching
9) Knowledge Management
10) Change Management

Your submission will be reviewed and you will be contacted by the Director of Professional Development or other chapter representative within 7 days to arrange a time to discuss it. A decision will be made after that conversation. If you have questions, you may contact the Director of Professional Development at

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