Kings Langley LAC Member feedback
How long have you been a member of KLLAC? *
What Age Group did your child join as a member of KLLAC? *
eg: Tots, Under 6, Under 7
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Do you think you will be returning next season? *
If the answer above was 'No', please tell us why so we can improve
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Did you register online? *
If the answer above was 'No', please tell us why
please note: we have no control over the registration system , but feedback about it would be good so we can send on to the Association
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Have you visited our new website? *
Do you like it? If not why?
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Do you follow us on Facebook? *
Do you receive our emails from the registration system? *
If not, let us know your email address so we can check that we have the correct details for you
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KLLAC run a 3 week program for our events, *
Do you like the program?
If you do not like the program, then please let us know why.
Note: that we are restricted this year by the ground works being performed by council, and when they are completed, our field events can again be spread out over all the areas of the fields
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Our Centre runs on volunteers, are you happy to help out? *
Each age requires about 3 - 4 helpers to run the events, and we require helpers to set up, run the track timing and recording system, be starters and timers, staff the canteen and BBQ, prepare and manage the grounds etc.
If you said yes to the above,
send an email to and let us know in what way you would like to help, or contact one of the committee members on a Friday night, or just add some details below so we can get back to you.
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Would you like to help out at our centre in an official capacity?
Our Committee always need new people to step up and help run our centre, are you one of them? Jot down your email address and / or phone number below, send us an email, or come and have a chat with one of the committee on Friday night. Please check out the role descriptions on our website to see what sort of positions are available
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If you said no then please tell us why,
Our Centre runs on volunteers, let us know why you think you cannot help out
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Our centre requires funds to be able to run and provide the resources our children require to compete
Registration fees cover only our basic costs to run each year. Fundraising / Sponsorship is required to provide and maintain the equipment we need to compete and to support our Centre activities.
Our Sponsors provide a valuable commitment to our centre
Do you know of, or work for, any local companies that might like to become a sponsor of KLLAC? If so let us know.
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Have you tried the Canteen / BBQ / Coffee Van? *
Do you have any feedback on the Canteen / BBQ?
Do you have any suggestion as to other products we can stock and sell?
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We currently run raffles and the Canteen / BBQ
Can you think of other ways to raise funds for our centre, (and are you able to help out with them)?
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Would you support a fundraising evening at Kings Park Tavern? *
Maybe trivia night or similar? send other ideas to
Would you like to join an organising committee for a fundraising event?
If so grab one of the Committee members, send us an email, or note your details below so we can contact you.
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Can you think of other ideas for a social fundraising evening or day?
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Can you think of, and / or suggest any ways to improve our centre?
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