Children's Club Kit Subscriptions
Children's Club Kits are all geared for ages 2-8. All kits are put together by our library staff members.
Club Kit subscription will be good for three months (January-March) You will need to renew your subscription. We will notify when you need to renew your subscription.

Contact us at or 715-796-2281
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If subscribing to the Reading Club Kit, we need you supply your library card number. The books you receive in your kit are library books, they will be checked out to for three weeks. You will be responsible for them and for returning them to the library. Please type your library card number below.
Don't have a library card? We can help you out, just fill out a library card application using this link: We can then have your library card ready for you when you pick up your club kit. You need a library card to check books out for the Reading Club Kit, if you subscribed to that kit. *
Tell us a little about yourself. What are you favorite types of books to read? What type of crafter are you? *
What is something that as, staff members, we need to be aware of when putting your reading club kit together. (Example: you like books to read aloud to your child, you want books that your child can read, you would like to see certain themes, you DO NOT want to see a certain type of book in your selection). *
Tell us what reading level you may be looking for your club kits. This will help our staff pick appropriate leveled books for your child. *
I understand the the kit/kits I subscribe to will be ready once a month from the Hammond Community Library. I understand that these kits are free and that at anytime I may make a donation to the library. *
I understand that I will receive and email when the kits are ready for pickup. *
I understand that I will need to set an appointment for my pickup of my kit/kits. To set my appointment: *
Comments or questions about this virtual program. *
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Disclaimer: the following kits will be put together by our library staff and we will do our best in creating each of the kits. Craft kits you will be responsible for glues, paints, brushes, scissors, tape, and other small craft items that we will be unable to put in your kit. Your craft kit will be as complete as we can assemble for you. Books: we will make the best choices possible. Recipes: do not use a recipe if you are allergic to something in it, make recipe changes to fit your lifestyle. STEM kits you will be responsible for any items that are not able to go into kits (i.e. liquid items, fresh food items, etc.) *
I understand that this is a FREE program offered at the Hammond Community Library. I also understand that I may make a donation because I love what the library is offering and want to see these and other programs continue. *
I understand that food or drink items are to be provided by my own means. I will be responsible for myself. I will ask about what is contained in food and drink if I have questions or am concerned about allergies or food sensitivities I may have. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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