How Can You be Involved?
You were recently asked, "Will you uphold this church by your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness?"  Often it is not easy to understand how to do this without further investigating these individually.  To help, this page has been created to show the general ministries of this church categorized by this vow.  Following the completion of this form, you will be contacted about specific areas of ministry that are happening right now.
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Prayers - I commit to pray for myself, my friends and my enemies, and for the needs of the world, no matter how overwhelming they may be.
Presence - I commit to remain present to Christians around the world, people of faith around the world, and the needs of my family, my community, and my church.
Gifts - I commit to understanding myself as abundantly gifted in this world: in faith, in curiosity, and in humanity.
Service - I commit myself in service to the poor, the forgotten, the hurting, the hungry, the “other.”
Witness - I commit to living life in such a way that others want to know God as well.
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