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There are 2 types of mentoring available through the Mentorship Programme
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A group facilitator's role is to organise the logistics of the mentorship group, for example, by organising the mentorship meeting schedule. They are not expected to act as a mentor for the rest of the group, but as an equal peer mentor who gives and receives mentorship. Depending on the responses we get, the Facilitator role may rotate to each group member for equal amounts of time during the Programme (e.g. each group member will have the facilitator role for 2 months).
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(Note: we try to group people based on shared/close time zones to facilitate communication.)
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Cis-men are eligible to be mentors for this programme, but we appreciate that some mentees would prefer to have a female mentor. Your answer to this question will only be used during the matching process to ensure a suitable mentor is found.
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