7 Week Mental Training Series
In partnership with Next Level Strength and Conditioning, Dr. Steven Gonzalez will be offering a 7-Week Mental Training Series in order to help athletes feel and perform their best. For more information on Dr. Gonzalez and his background visit http://trainatnextlevel.com/mentaltraining-teambuilding.

June 26th-Session #1: Regulating Anxiety and Stress for Peak Performance
This session will teach athletes how stress and anxiety can help and hurt
performances and teach specific strategies to help regulate stress and
anxiety pre and during competition. Specifically, athletes will leave with an
understanding of how to control their breathing and to re-set themselves.

July 3rd-Session #2: Understanding and Controlling Emotions
Who are you at your best? Who are you at your worst? How do you feel in
either situation? Emotions are strong experiences that can help us get to a
confident state when we understand them and how we generally feel. This
session will provide participants with greater awareness of themselves
and will map their emotions to help athletes get to a better state for

July 17th-Session #3: Using Mindfulness to Combat Stress and Maintain
Mindfulness is one of the hottest topics in psychology today and is used
by athletes in the Olympics, NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL. What is
mindfulness and how can it help me be a better athlete? This session will
explore mindfulness and expose participants to how to do mindfulness
practices to help focus and reduce stressors.

July 24th-Session #4: Focus and Concentration Strategies
The ability to focus during an activity is vital to peak performance. While
athletes have the ability to focus, how can we remain focused despite
fatigue or when we have several things vying for our attention? This
session will teach participants how attention works, will utilize several
activities to challenge participants’ attention, and will provide strategies for
athletes to cultivate their attention for peak performance.

July 31st- Session #5: Confidence Through Self Talk
We speak to ourselves at an average of 300-1,000 words a minute- that’s
a lot of dialogue that can either build up our confidence or tear our
confidence apart. Self-talk is the act of thinking about what is happening to
us and how we can respond, not react so that we take purposeful action to
succeed. This session will teach athletes that thoughts matter and will
provide athletes with scenarios and best practices of how to develop
effective self-talk to build confidence.

August 7th- Session #6: Visualization and Mental Preparation
One of the most used mental strategies by top athletes is visualization or
imagery- seeing yourself performing and preparing accordingly. This
session will walk participants through what visualization is, how to do it,
and help athletes develop imagery scripts for their own personal use.

August 14th- Session #7: Developing Routines
High performing athletes have go to behaviors and strategies that help
prepare them for games and specific plays and actions. These behaviors
and strategies are known as routines. This session will help athletes
incorporate various mental skills into purposeful steps to help athletes
perform consistently over the course of a season. Athletes will walk away
with “go to” action steps to help them reset themselves in stressful
situations and to adequately prepare their minds and bodies for high

Developing and Cultivating High Performing Athletes for Coaches & Parents ($75 for the 2 hours): DATE TBA: A session geared towards educating parents and coaches on how to best motivate athletes, create a culture (at home or on a team) centered around growth and development, and nuts and bolts of supporting young athletes.

Student-Athlete Leadership Summit ($120): DATE TBA: 2 days of discussions and activities aimed at helping current and future team captains develop leadership philosophies, handle difficult situations, and communicate effectively with coaches and teammates.

- 7/3-8/21 (7/10 OFF) 6pm (All Tuesday Nights)
- All THT, FLEX, MS Athletes
- $45/ session, or $280/ full program (NL athletes)
- $50/ session, or $315/ full program (Non NL athletes)

For more information and payment options, email info@trainatnextlevel.com

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