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Our annual Bookfeast is coming up on Tuesday, November 28th! Forms and ideas will be coming home shortly, and you are welcome to fill out this one online or send in the paper copy. Our Bookfeast is a very nice event where families send in a dish or item that is featured/mentioned somewhere in a book. Every classroom has a time slot when they will come to the library and feast on the potluck of yummy items that have been sent in!

Parent volunteers are ALWAYS welcomed and encouraged at school events, especially at ones like this where the little ones will need help making up their plates and carrying them to their seats. With enough volunteers, we can also have the time to talk to the children about some of the books and their corresponding food! Our Home & School President, Michele, will be there as well, heading the entire event.

Donations of paper products such as paper plates, napkins, forks, and plastic baggies are appreciated as well.
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