Open Letter to Victorian Trades Hall Council against Police Presence at the Public Housing Lockdown
Luke Hilakari
Victorian Trades Hall Council
54 Victoria Street
Carlton South VIC 3053

Sunday July 5, 2020

Dear Mr Hilakari,

We write to call on the Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) to publicly oppose the police lockdown of public housing estates in Flemington, Kensington and North Melbourne. We are unionists, organisers, anti-racist workers, frontline and essential workers, working class people, migrant settlers, students, academics, artists and community members.

Yesterday, VTHC called a fundraiser for residents of the towers, saying the ‘Victorian union movement will do whatever is needed to support residents.’ The fundraiser points out ‘the burden of public crises is usually shouldered by those already in precarious situations.’

The burden of Victoria’s COVID-19 response has been disproportionately shouldered by working class Bla(c)k people and people of colour. Bla(c)k people and people of colour disproportionately do service work that is badly paid, insecure and puts them in contact with the virus daily. Bla(c)k people and people of colour face vilification and blame for catching or spreading the virus. Now, Bla(c)k people and people of colour face military-style lockdown in crowded, substandard public housing under police guard.

It is dangerous to have police in the towers.

Police in Flemington and Kensington have been found to racially profile and target communities in the public housing towers. The presence of police poses a transmission risk, alongside more general risks to people’s safety. People living there have every reason to be afraid of them.

Many people living in the flats have histories of torture, trauma, detention and state abuse which will only be exacerbated by police enforcement. The presence of police will also act as a barrier to accessing medical care, employment, as well as support and care from family and community.

Real solidarity with working class Bla(c)k people and people of colour comes from actually recognising the conditions that make their lives different. For too long, the labour movement in Australia has excluded working class people who are non-white. It is time for that to change.

To act in real solidarity with residents in the towers, VTHC must do more than footing the government’s bill for the lockdown. It must call for an immediate end to the police presence in the towers. It must also disaffiliate The Police Association Victoria (TPAV).

The role the police are playing in the targeting and vilification of people in public housing estates shows that their interests are not aligned with those of the working class. The role of the police is to suppress and divide working class Bla(c)k people and people of colour and act in the interests of employers and capital in workers' disputes. If VTHC is to build strength with all working class people - that is, including working class Bla(c)k people and people of colour - then it must disaffiliate TPAV.

With regard to the VTHC fundraiser, it is imperative that communities who live in these public housing blocks are in control of how the funds raised will be distributed, so that this is done in a way that meets their needs and concerns. The Victorian Government should not be a stakeholder in distributing these funds. The police enforcement of this detention of public housing residents is a directive from the Victorian Government and the need to support residents now is a direct result of the Victorian Government's decision. Fundraising for these public housing residents whilst maintaining close ties to the Victorian Labor Government and affiliation with TPAV goes against VTHC’s stated values, actively undermines the legitimacy of VTHC’s advocacy on behalf of public housing residents who are routinely subject to violent, racialised over-policing.

We stand with recent statements made by RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees and the Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne against the police lockdown and against TPAV affiliation with VTHC.

We call on Victorian Trades Hall Council to respect and amplify the demands of the residents who are currently affected by the hard lockdown, to give control of these funds to the affected public housing residents, to stand against the police presence in the public housing towers and to permanently end the affiliation of The Police Association Victoria including taking steps to ensure they are prevented from ever re-affiliating.


* Updated Daily - 1942 (12 July 2020)

Meriki Onus (Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, ASU)
Tarneen Onus-Williams (Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, ASU)
Dr Crystal McKinnon (Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, NTEU)
Sissy Austin (Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance)
NTEU UniMelb Casuals Network
Sanmati Verma (Undocumented Migrant Solidarity, UWU)
Roj Amedi (ASU Member)
Tim Lo Surdo (Democracy in Colour and ASU member)
Dr Jordy Silverstein (rank & file member of NTEU)
Vivian Lu (Migrant Workers Centre)
Alexia Fuentes (member of Hospo Voice, UWU, Migrante Australia, Anakbayan Melbourne, and Philippines Australia Solidarity Association)
Lauren Caulfield (The Policing Family Violence Project, Abolitionist & Transformative Justice Centre)
Rufaro George Kanjere (AUWU member, Victorian Socialists candidate in Darebin)
Steven Chang (Librarian, NTEU delegate, Victorian Socialists candidate in Darebin)
Tim - community services worker / ASU delegate and national conference member / Bendigo Trades Hall Exec Member
Liam Armstrong Carrigan (Member Rights Organiser United Workers Union/ASU Member/Victorian Socialists Member)
David Pollock (Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) Melbourne, NTEU Member
Witt Gorrie (Social worker, ASU)
Nayuka Gorrie, Gunai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta writer
Sian Vate (United Workers Union Member Rights Organiser)
Debbie Kilroy Sisters Inside
Yassmin Abdel-Magied (writer, broadcaster, activist)
Randa Abdel-Fattah, Academic and writer
Ayan Shirwa - 3CR
Dr Nilmini Fernando Researcher, ASU WIRE
Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg - Training Director @ Democracy in Colour
Jinghua Qian (writer, MEAA member, AUWU member)
Sam Wallman (UWU & MEAA member)
Nicky Minus (Australian Services Union)
Angela MItropoulos
Debbie Brennan (Radical Women Organiser & UWU member)
Sophie Vassallo (ASU and Victorian Socialist member)
Sam Elkin (Australian Services Union Delegate)
Alison Thorne (Melbourne Branch Organiser, Freedom Socialist Party and CPSU Workplace Delegate)
Nish Morris (Anti-colonial Asian Alliance)
Carol Que (Anticolonial Asian Alliance, NTEU)
Tasnim Sammak (PhD Candidate, Monash University)
Babs Rapeport (rank & file member of HospoVoice)
Priya Kunjan (Student)
Gurpreet Singh (ASU member)
Jack Buksh (General Secretary, University of Melbourne Student Union)
Jessie Lu (Anticolonial Asian Alliance, Worker Student Alliance, medical student)
Mitch Hibbens (Rank & File Member NTEU)
Kath Sellick (Lecturer, University of Melbourne, NTEU member)
Hannah Aroni (social worker, ASU and NTEU member)
Fraser Pearson (student & Hospo voice)
Jon Wright (ASU)
Hannah Krasovec (HospoVoice member)
Georgia Walton Briggs (University of Melbourne Student Union Education Officer)
Matthew Harper-Gomm
Reece Moir (Student and Casual Worker)
Noni Bridger (Student and UMSU Education Public Affairs Officer)
Audrey McCarthy (Hospo Voice and RAFFWU member)
Neo William (HospoVoice)
Jess Tran (Northside Youth with Refugees)
Yanni Jiang
Alana Kingston (Australian Services Union)
Te Francesca (Artist & Hospo Worker)
Jasmine Shirrefs (MSA Staff and Freelance Writer)
Maya Moses (Medical Student)
Kat Capel
Hannah Sim (HospoVoice member)
Oliver Leverton (Australian Unemployed Workers Union)
Jagveer Singh (Student activist, SDA union member)
Ji Young Song (PhD candidate, University of Melbourne)
Max Dowell (Worker Student Alliance)
Sophia Munro
Aaron Hind (CS Officer, RMIT University Equity & Diversity Unit)
Hannah Weeramanthri
Sibella Hare Breidahl (Medical student,The University of Adelaide)
April Luong
Lucinda Walker (Casual childcare worker)
Fia Hamid-Walker (Strategic Advocacy Adviser, Graduate Students Association the University of Melbourne)
Mia Booth
Sarah Walker
Anica Renner (Student)
Scout Higgins (Student)
Dana Riley (Student)
Verity Johnson
Mx Sebastian Whitaker
Bensen Thomas (Student)
Louise Black (Animal Rescue Cooperative)
Rashmi Kumar (ASU member)
Bronte Healey (Technology Consultant)
Jasmine A
Sandra Ellis
Grady Peterson (Sustainable Design Officer and ASU member)
Rosie Isaac (NTEU member)
Kyah Walker (Student)
Ma’ata Palu (student)
Nikkola Mikocki-Bleeker
Sammy Perryman (Student)
Banan H
Luke Josh
Odette Shenfield (PhD candidate, Monash University)
Ella Adams
Austin Tseng (PhD student, University of Melbourne)
Ella S (ASU member)
Liyan Gao (ASU member)
Jess Armstrong (student, AUWU member)
L Phoenix (Student/Trauma Counsellor)
Maeve Scannell (Casual Library officer)
Sarah S (Social Worker)
Vittoria (Student)
Arik Blum
Asher Dunn
Julia Carpenter (Librarian)
Jack Callil (Editor, writer)
Amneel Kurdi (Pharmacist, Pharmacy 4 Less)
Caitlin Woodland (United Workers Union Delegate)
Alice Sporik (Researcher, Monash University)
Stella McInnes (Student)
Andrew Brooks (NTEU)
Panda Wong (Poet & Freelance writer)
Jodie Allen (AOD worker)
Lena Molnar (NTEU Member)
Zoe Edwards
Jessica García (Monash BSc/BA student)
Bethia Burgess (PhD Candidate)
Hristijan Popovski (student and member of United Workers Union)
Elliott McMahon (ASU member)
Raffy Giulambarian
Victoria Manifold (NSWTF staff and USU member)
Tyrah Hausia
Natasha Zeng (PhD Student)
Yasmin K (CWU member)
Jasmin Rai
Dr Elly Scrine (Lecturer, University of Melbourne, NTEU)
PhD Candidate (CPSU and NTEU member)
Rosie Barron (rank & file member, NTEU)
Brianna Stevenson (ASU member)
Allison Chan (Student, Bookseller)
Brianna Hoff (RMIT Honours student)
Reza Sayeed
Wendy Tu
Atlanta Jones (Youth Case Manager/ ASU/Vincentcare)
Laurence (Grill’d Worker and Hospo Voice Organiser)
Fleur Berryman (student)
Reza Sayeed
Jason Krow (RAFFWU member)
Lorilee Yang
Henry Zovaro (postdoctoral researcher, the Australian National University)
Holly Schneider (Secondary Teacher)
Julia Thouas
Sneha Challa (Student)
Shania Hunter
Madeline Hayman-Reber (Indigenous Affairs Journalist)
Gem Neaves (Barmanager/The Mint Bar)
DrJulian Grace (ASU)
Dilpreet Kaur (Independent Journalist)
Maria Russo
Bella Gadsden (Social Worker, ASU member)
Rupa Anurendra
Scout Rayner
Shane McGrath (ASU delegate at HAAG)
Anna Nguyen (PhD Student)
Arlene Alzona CSPU Vic Member
Charanja Thavendran (student)
Kelly Chan (Phd student/RMIT)
Kym Nguyen (Monash M.S.W student)
Shaun Manyweathers
Fjorn Butler (Future Tense - director)
Kerry Simple (academic/drag qween)
Max Castle (ASU member)
Liz Crash, IEU and AUWU member
Anjali Walisinghe
Erin Buckley, NETU member, La Trobe University
Tom Grindrod (ASU member, workplace delegate)
Olivia Hittmann ASU Member and Social Worker
Roj Amedi (ASU member)
Azja Kulpinska (Mental health worker, MSW student, ASU member)
Ada Castle (ASU member, LGBTI peer worker)
Alicia S (Student)
Aminata Diallo
Grant Gronewold (cartoonist, disability advocate)
Zakaria Shahruddin (Undocumented Migrant Solidarity & Mental Health Worker)
Stan Kacar (Student)
Desiree T (Theatre-maker and community activist)
Isaac B
Rhiannon Williams-Demmon (AYCC, ASU delegate)
Kalyan Kingi (Anticolonial Asian Alliance)
Kia Matley (PhD candidate, NTEU member)
Jesslyn Brady, ASU member
Kia Matley (PhD candidate, NTEU member)
T.R An (Anti Colonial Asian Alliance)
Angie Judd (AYCC Organiser)
Clare O’Hanlon (NTEU delegate)
Angie Judd (ASU Member, AYCC Organiser)
Caitlin Jakeman (Workplace Delegate, United Workers Union)
Emily Foley (NTEU member)
Frazer Spence (Student)
Theodore Quinn
Yen Pham
Matthew Rosamilia
Julie (Student)
Ashley Sutherland (ASU)
Caroline Ridler, Trainer, ASU member
Gemma Cafarella (CPSU member, lawyer)
Kat Moore (WACA)
Sean Bezard (ASU member)
Declan Fry (Writer)
Verena Tan, 3031 former resident and Lawyer
Alex McQuire
Ella Buczak (Student/UWU)
Olympia Walker (Student)
Tyler Gleason, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne (CPSU and NTEU member)
Julian Cleary, ASU member
Gaye Demanuele WACA & UWU member.
Alex McQuire
Michael Kennedy
Jonathan chai
Rebecca Lambourne (BA Student, RAFFWU Member)
Percy Gurtler (Brave Network Melbourne)
Lukiah Bodley, (artist/cultural worker)
Sumarlinah Winoto (ASU)
Anja Kanngieser (Senior Research Fellow, NTEU Member)
Will Ross, rank and file RAFFWU member
Sam Cummins (Radio producer)
Sean McMahon (AEU member)
Cher Tan
Joshua Badge (NTEU member)
Masters student
Shannen Bethune
Lloyd Murphy (Inner Melbourne Community Legal)
Priyanka Tomar (student, AAA member)
Edie McAsey (NTEU member, Hospo Voice member, AYCC staff member)
Gali Schell
Gavin Styles (NTEU member)
Pauline Vetuna
Amé Pocklington (social worker, ASU delegate)
Mercedes Zanker
Rhiannon Huston (student)
Hristijan Popovski (student and member of United Workers Union)
Gretta Hunnekens
Isaac B - Student
Jim Power (PPTEU member)
Justine Makdessi (Teacher and AEU Member)
Carly Baque (ASU member)
Carly Baque (ASU member)
Henry Osborne
Bethany Patch (MEAA member)
Sally Coggiola (ASU Member, AYCC)
Marie-Claire Giles (student)
Klaus Kaulfuss (ISJA Melbourne)
Natasha Karatzas
Sophie Ferlazzo
Annette Herrera, NTEU, UniMelb casual staff rep
Nina Gubler (Freelance camera assistant/ MEAA member)
Beth Muldoon, NTEU
Emma Constantine, Mental Health Worker
Rachael L
Joshua Barnes (RAFFWU member)
Iris Shuttleworth (Student, AUWU)
Shop Steward, Communication Workers Union
Ange Ferguson, Chief Transformation Officer, Thoughtworks; Advisory Board, Hitnet
Rachael Milligan (student)
Michael Roberts (UWU Member/ Victorian Socialists Member)
Seumas Teòthaigh
Sarah Johnson (communications associate)
Kate Clifford (CPSU member)
Alex Kakafikas (ASU member)
David Giles (United Workers Union Member)
Sala Walter (UNSW student)
Ellen Stephens (Library Technician, Student)
Joshua Sankey (secondary teacher, AEU member)
Karla Aguilar (Student)
Dan Biggs VPS
Georgia Rowles (ASU member/AYCC)
Callum McKenzie (Healthcare Worker)
Fraser Harvey
peter b 3cr doin time show
Lucy Walker (researcher Uni Melb)
Mx Magdalena Kozlowski (Disabled activist and writer, Monash University student, Fringe Festival intern, AUWU member)
Geena Hardy (United Workers Union member, student)
August Terrell
ASU member
Evan Lawson (member of the MEAA)
Wahaj Badri, counsellor.
marisa 3cr doin time show
Max Hanlon (PhD candidate / CPSU, AUWU, and NTEU member)
Tom Backhaus (Artist/MEAA & AUWU member)
Isabelle (student)
Alex Florance-Curwood (Teacher, AEU member)
Sarah Krause (MSc Student)
Patrick O'Duffy
Henry Small
Alex B (ASU member)
Rachael Roberts (RMIT Masters student)
Finlay Nolan (AYCC Organiser, ASU Member)
Milica Milinkovic (UWU member)
Eamonn Moriarty-Gray (UWU and AUWU Member)
Stephen Jakubowicz (Masters candidate)
Drew Henderson (social worker)
Alexander Powers (artist and UWU worker)
Katie Ella (student)
Sofia Lopez (customer representative at Austin)
Fay K
RAFFWU member, disability worker.
Caed S. (UWU member)
Amanda Ngo (Biotechnology post grad)
India Potter (Student)
Andrew Clarke (human)
Mel erwin (teacher - Mentone Girls Sec)
Sam Ellis (CPSU and AUWU member)
Mitchell Beatty
James Cruz (ASU member and delegate)
Dean Cornac(student)
Dexter Davison-Ling
Thomas Bell (Student/AEU)
Tess Corkish (NTEU Member)
Lexa Adams (AUWU)
Jacqueline Fegal
Chantel Tichbon
T. Ahearne (ASU delegate)
Amira Sabrova (Honours Student)
Patrick Durnan Silva
Victor Ison (student)
Alex Ligthart-Smith (NTEU member)
Isabella Gullifer-Laurie (Student)
Lavanya Pant (ASU member)
Toby Kirby(Full Time Carer)
Thierry Falcone
Kat Duffy (UWU member)
Kylie Williamson(Retail Manager)
Alex Kelly (filmmaker)
Alex Nosek (ASU member)
Michaela Smith (Student)
Housing worker
Chanelle Rogers (Raffwu member)
Annabelle Kingston (United Workers Union member)
Bridget Knight (Student)
Aden Miller / Social Research Interviewer / United Workers Union
Michael Skinner/Student/RAFFWU
Brogey Harrison
Javed de Costa
Jacqui Scott (ASU member)
Mariam Slade (student)
Tibby McNab (UWU member)
Hunter Lutchner (student)
Phil Evans (ASU Member)
Jason Harris (ASU member)
Mary-Anne Ellis
Lucy Burnett, ASU
Mel erwin (teacher - Mentone Girls Sec)
Anita Cummins (Masters student Monash University)
Rebecca Tabone student
Dr Thom Ryan
Jill Pope (PhD student/University of Melbourne)
Hannah Barcan (iww)
Eleanor Jenkins (RAFFWU Member)
Manja Petrovska
Thao Ly (Anti-colonial Asian Alliance)
Dr Elena Benthaus (Casual Academic, University of Melbourne)
Mathew Abbott (NTEU member)
Poppy de Souza (NTEU member)
Eilish Fitzatrick (student)
Max Wilkinson (UWU member)
Rachel Laws
Angelina Bowe
Miriam Hamel-Green (Youth worker/ASU member)
Craig Lyons (PhD candidate, NTEU delegate)
Sab D'Souza (Researcher / Artist)
Adele Perovic (Actor, Writer, MEAA member)
Charli Downs (Student)
Nick (Trans Action Narrm/Melbourne)
Grace Dowling (Hospo Voice Member Organiser)
Quinn Hogan (Student)
Hugo Hall/ASEN
Rosemary Overell (Senior Lecturer / TEU NZ (former NTEU member) / University of Otago
Madeline Avene, CSW and student
Elle Elder (Allied Health)
Fiona York (ASU member)
Jeremy George (RAFFWU member)
Lindy Orthia (academic)
Luke Matricardi (Student l)
Fiona Waters (Worker at HAAG/Social Work Student/ASU Member)
Catherine Gay (PhD student, University of Melbourne)
Lilith Ball (IWW member, student)
Nicola Paris
Thomas Bridges
Emma Lavender
Christopher Adams
Vanamali Hermans, Australian Women Against Violence Alliance, ASU
Oskar Summers Dixon (Youth Worker, RMIT BA Social Work Student)
Ben Williams (UWU member)
James Moore (Student)
Alex (lifelong unionist - formerly HSU now ASU))
Clodagh Robinson-Watts (Bookseller/Composer)
Maria Cozzi Social Worker
Lillah Summers Dixon (Student)
Claire Bostock (the drum peer leader)
Charisa Bossinakis (student)
Alisha Saiyed
Kyle Mitchell
Gabriella Lee (student)
Kathryn Begeo (ASU member, AYCC operations officer)
Dora Strong (Disability Support Worker, student)
Tracy Chen
Dora Strong (Disability Support Worker, student)
Writer and PhD Candidate
Angela Mitropoulos
Victor Komarovsky (ASU member, Environment Victoria community organiser)
Rozalina Hillard
Victoria Rudnikov (Community Media Volunteer)
Caitlin Finley
Andrew Tolé (student)
Gabriel Lillington
Natalie Ironfield
Madeleine Kerr (Writer, Student)
David Norrish, MSc MComp
Kassi Hays (Student, Charles Sturt University & Library worker, Victorian Government
Lila Moosad/Health researcher/UniMelb
Robert Northby (Student)
Polly Bennett / Sociologist / NTEU
Nick Mauger
Ching Ching Ho
Chloe Mackenzie (NTEU member)
Christina Pelosi-Thorpe (UWU member)
Alex R (HSU, ASU)
Dr Emmett Stinson (NTEU Member)
Bridget Chappell (Sound School - coordinator)
Hahn Rose (artist, Trans Action Narrm/Melbourne Collective, Save Public Housing Collective)
Alaina Bodley
Gavin Marks
The Services Union
Ruben Rubens (ASU member)
Claire Bornhoffen ( MEAA member and worker)
ASU member
Annabelle Kingston (United Workers Union member)
Shae San Sim (Artist)
Briony Neilson (academic & rank-and-file NTEU member)
Grace Stefanelli (social work student, NTEU member)
Theodore Salvatore (Student)
Mo Chan (Fern Collective)
Georgia Woods United Workers Union member
Lecturer, Monash University; NTEU member
Yaelle Caspi (CPSU Delegate and Member)
Zoya Bibay
Kellie Rossborough (Student)
Anastasia Kanjere (casual delegate, NTEU)
Prinita Thevarajah
Jonathon Koop (Community Services/Community Development Student)
Student / Unemployed Workers Union member
Libby Heath (ASU member and HAAG delegate)
Iisha Bou
Eva Gillett
Xuan Thao Nguyen
Rachel Short/Koorie Education Support Worker/AEU
Jessica B (Student)
Eiddwen Jeffery/ student
Eli Sinagra (student)
United Workers Union
Jacklyn Boyd (student, ANMF member)
Thomas Feng (Media and Communications Manager/ASU/YACVic)
Priyanka (we are the mainstream)
Michelle Nguyen
Jayde Fletcher (Social work student)
Rachel Lee (homelessness case manager, WISHIN)
Ruth Chamberlain-Hitchens (social research worker, NUW member)
Briar Rolfe (Communications and Rainbow Projects Officer, Youth Affairs Council Victoria))
Natasha Bay (United Workers Union)
Claire Wallace
Matt B (UWU member and former workplace delegate)
Laura Mitchell
Lavanya Pant (ASU member)
Domi T (Anticolonial Asian Alliance)
Dr Ruth De Souza (NTEU member)
Ayuen Bol
Blossom Ah Ket (Professional Spanish interpreter and translator)
Kulle Genemo (student)
Niamh J/student
Jacob Andrewartha (Childcare Worker/United Workers Union/Socialist Alliance
Anton Cleaver-Wilkinson (Teacher, Artist)
Rachel Knuckey (student)
Tom Wright (LGBTIQA+ Peer Worker)
Yuya Sudo (ASU Member)
Matt Goss (MEAA member)
Case worker
Luciella Scarlett (MEAA member)
Nunzio Madden (art and musician, disability pensioner)
Tzion Desta (student)
Melissa McLeary
Celeste Leong (Student)
Monique Drew
Libby Porter, NTEU Member, RMIT University
Social worker/immigrant/working in the homelessness sector
Billy Eyers (UWU Member)
Alex cuffe
Ope Olubodun (Engineering Student)
Gemma Clinch (MEAA)
Greta Madi (Disability support worker)
Oliver Caruana-Brown
Anthony Mulivai
Jessie Yu
Antonina Heymanson (student)
Paige Netting
Lachie Green
Tom MacLeod
Esther Kerr (student)
Tess Taylor (Education support worker, AEU member)
Zen Lim
Kanika Chopra
Jennifer Brem
Eleeza S (student)
Jake Collins (Student M. Polytechnic)
Alice Crisp (Outraged)
Zac St Clair
Sarah McDonald
Benjamin Neoh
Ali Haberfield (CPSU member)
Mary Merkenich AEU Branch Councillor
Matthew Wong (Designer)
Angelita Biscotti (Artist, model, journalist, NTEU member)
Juan Gomez (performing artist)
Artist Manager
Michael Schembri, member ASU, union advocate
Robert Corr (AEU member)
Elena Goldberg
Jon Tjhia (MEAA member)
Sarah McDonald
Sophia Palmer
Mia Carroll (jeweler)
Oliver Howson (Audio production student, SAE)
Lueth Ajak
Laura Hughes (AEU)
Annie Belcher
Michelle Armitage (Together Union)
Lachlan - student
Sibylla Scott
Aaron Claringbold
Kyle Matwijkiw
Jamie Boiskin
Neo De Leon
Holly Willson (student)
Fatima Mawas (filmmaker)
Candice Lemaitre
Jaya Gallagher (United Workers Union)
Tara Di Marco (Student, RAFFWU member)
Teresa Nguyen (Legal Assistant)
Freyja Catron (Redgum Cleaning Cooperatove, United Workers Union member)
Cassie Derrick (USU and MEAA member)
Tamara C (student)
Yasmin Leveau Paris
Cameron Bateman (Psychologist)
Louis Spence (mental health support worker)
Zachary McSweeney
Laura Sykes (ASU Member, AYCC Organiser)
Fembot XYZ
Casey Burchell (Finance Sector Union member)
Mali Rea (Pre-Service Teacher and Victorian Socialists member)
Manali Datar
Heath Huelin (student)
Katie Z
Tom Learey
Asher Tenkate
Aya Sato (registered nurse, ANMF)
Erin Visser (NTEU member)
Aisha Trambas (Freelance arts worker)
Prof. Merlando Zambrozo
Quinn Thomson (student)
Jazz Breen (USyd SRC education officer)
Annette Mc Dowell
Briony Galligan (NTEU member)
Roo (Student)
Georgia de Wet (Student)
Eda Seyhan (Lawyer, Mahalla Melbourne)
Anne-lise Ah-fat, Family Violence Practitioner ASU member Undercurrent Victoria
Clare (Union Member)
Eva Antoniou
Iona Julian-Walters, Fundraiser, ASU, AYCC
Cass Willcocks (AUWU & HospoVoice Member)
Emily Hearn
Abhijeet (Student)
Pareen Minhas (UWU organiser)
Camille Ham (Student - Melbourne Polytechnic)
Hannah Jantos (BA student, University of Melbourne)
Daniel lacey - member - AEU
Lil Longman (student)
Clare (union member)
Caitlin Ramsay (Student)
Kane Thompson
Ariel Mazo
Michelle Keating (student)
Mason R
Aimee platts
Lawrence Carnegie (Student)
Shannon O’Neill (Senior Case Manager | Team Leader Youth Housing and Support Services, Berry Street)
Honours student
School student
Sarika Allen (makeup artist and academic)
Madeline Taylor Student
Dan Koop (NTEU Member, Teacher, Artist)
Gabrielle de Vietri
Marziya Mohammedali (NTEU member)
Skye Newton (student)
Damien Magee (Editor/MEAA member)
Tom Dent
Rosa Coyle-Hayward
Rohan Irvine (PA & AUWU member)
Dr Madison Magladry, academic and NTEU member
Maddie Mills
Mel K
Rick Sabbatini, school teacher
River Arumets (Health Science Student)
River Fry (Educator, Artist, Civillian)
Tash Howson (ASU Member)
Lily T
PhD student, NTEU member
Union Delegate
Nicholas F (Social Worker)
Sam Edgar/RN/ANMF
Inez Winters (Student La Trobe Uni)
Eirene Tsolidis Noyce (RAHU Vic, IWW & UWU Member)
Eric Stacey (NTEU Member)
NTEU Member
Nofa Nizam(NTEU Membr)
Ben Cuzzupe
Dr Mathew Ling (NTEU)
Kelsey Buchanan (UWU workplace delegate & NTEU member)
J. T. Eeles
Oscar Slorach-Thorn
Oscar Slorach-Thorn
Emma Harvey
Sue Hauri (Creative practitioner, MSW student)
Ella Harwood
Anu Algama (UWU)
Luke Skinner (United Workers Union member)
Brittany Swelam (PhD Candidate)
Edward Krutsch
Saira Ceballos
Sam Terry (Northside Youth With Refugees/Amnesty International LTU/Student/Union Member)
Larise Jones (student)
ASU member
Chloe Sinclair (Allies Decolonising)
Esha Suhrou (ASU member)
Alice Drury (ASU member)
Laura Trenerry
Jacinda Huang
Luke Evans
Lora Patterson
Mohini Sharma
Harry S (ETU, Victorian Socialists member)
Laura Melville (ASU delegate, EV organiser)
Mary-Anne Ellis
Jen Malbon (Academic, UNSW)
Lou Franklin, Support Worker & ASU member
Freya Lance (Youth Mental Health Registered Nurse)
Elise Ormston (Team Assistant)
Lachlan Gregory (Library officer, ASU Member)
Eugene Duffy (United Workers Union Delegate)
Amena Ziard
Jesse Thompson
Katherine Murfitt (Provisional Psychologist)
Trevor Adelson
Matilda Houlihan (NTEU)
Lu Lin (student)
Mr Jesse Clune
Elke Molloy
Bri Aldersea (AUWU member)
Mattie McLeod
Audrey Arjoune (WIRE, ex-VTHC staff and ASU member)
Alexandra Love-Dack (AWG, MEAA)
Sangeetha Thanapal
Cara Brentnall (Designer)
Phuong Dang (ASU member)
Talia Frisch (Registered nurse)
Elia Anis (Student)
Cohen Chan
Ed Pitt (MEAA Member)
Ako Schwenke (ASU member)
Auriel Y (student)
Nic Dureau (UWU member/disability support worker)
Amanda Zivcic (ASU and HWU member)
Millicent Kavenagh (IEU Member)
Amy Turton (ASU member)
Olly Hornung (EvoLens)
Glenn Slobodzian
Jessica Marian (NTEU delegate)
Pony (no last name) (freelance artist on Kuarna land)
Danielle Loughnan (CPSU Workplace Delegate)
Veronica D (Student)
Jeannie Rowbotham
Jennifer Park (AUWU member)
Alicia Walter (AYCC, ASU Member)
Zachary Doney (UWU, RAHU)
Gideon Cohen (writer)
Lucho Riquelme (LASNET)
Vanessa Stathopoulos (ASU member)
Huna Amweero, Radio Skid Row 88.9FM
Honey Sassano
Tom Short (UWU)
Anastasia Arasu (Student)
Amy Miller (musician, 3cr radio programmer)
Rebecca Greenberg
Kim-Thien Lam
concerned South Melbourne resident
Tristan Bunner (CFMEU/IWW)
Sara Rafferton (AEU member)
Isabella Mason
Miss Kathleen Gaza (writer)
Regan Lynch
Georgia Hassall-Barrett (student)
Jeanine Hourani (Director, Road to Refuge)
Sophie Nebl (retail worker)
Jordan Adams (IEU delegate, IWW)
Jenna Warwick student
Tara Ormsby
Robin Scott, School Cleaner.
Ben White (Artist and Student)
Tom Backhaus (Artist/MEAA & AUWU member)
Mwanje Tembo
Evie Isaac (student)
Paddy Gordon: academic, ASU delegate
Joel Birch, The Amity Affliction
Stephanie Luna Mrozik Gawler
June Miskell (Academic, UNSW)
Sarah Ballard
Joseph Leone
Bek Arthurson (student)
Meera Siva
Meera Siva (student)
Katrina Goodall
Ruby Coles (Admin Worker / Student)
Phoebe Hayman (Student)
Alycia Gawthorne (ASU member)
Libbee King (teacher)
Jordon Riley
Social Work Student - RMIT University
Lucy Stimpson
Jessica Shumack (Teacher)
Mary-Anne Ellis
Tallulah Storm
Indigo Willing (Asian Australian Films, Forum and Network)
Agi Kowalewski
Nish Morris (Anti-colonial Asian Alliance)
Eleanor Zurowski (Student)
Glenn Bradbury
Marisa Wikramanayake (Journalist)
Loretta Gasparini (Student)
G. Mahadeo
Richard Cooling (student)
Siobhan Neyland (social worker)
Andrew Romaniotis (Retail worker/Student)
Rosemary Burgess
Catherine McCredie (Editor)
Erica B (Student)
Abhijit Taleppadi (Student)
Deborah Lee-Talbot
Julien Macandili (Advance League of People’s Artists [ALPA])
Asher Wolf (Freelance journalist)
Travis Jordan (CPSU/NTEU)
Claire Connelly, (academic & researcher)
Emma McMillan (student)
Zack Taylor
Kristina Waterman
Jason Gray, Community Support Worker/Author
Timothy Collier (Strategy Director)
Dr Mia Martin Hobbs, NTEU member
Oliver Reeson
Madeleine Keirnan
Paul Mylecharane
Leena van Deventer, Victorian Women's Trust
Carmen-Sibha Keiso (Artist & Educator)
Millie Baylis
Harry Saddler (writer)
Teresa C (student)
Lauren Trend (Writer & Mental Health Advocate)
Mòrag Jones
Dr Sandy O'Sullivan/Wiradjuri/Associate Professor/NTEU
MJ Leaver (Mental Health Advocate)
Charlotte Rose- Whiteley
Claire Flynn (MEAA member)
Maria Antaras-Dalamagas (UWU member)
Nadia Rhook ( University of Western Australia)
Lyndal Rowlands, writer/researcher
Thuy Linh Nguyen (ASU member)
Jini Maxwell, (writer)
Meg Bradford (Student)
Kat Sims. CEO
Emmeline Kildea (NTEU Member)
Yolande T
Maize Wallin (MEAA member, Game Workers Unite organiser)
Benji Doyle (uni student)
Brighid Fitzgerald (Artist and early childhood educator)
Jason Poley
Karen W
Aki/Erin Swift (HospoVoice)
Sarah Montaine
Zara May Penovic Wotherspoon (Student)
Hassan Kalam Abul
Penelope White (MEAA)
Giles Fielke (Workplace Delegate, National Tertiary Education Union)
Mateja Simovic (USU delegate, GWU Australia Organiser)
Gemma Getson (Student)
Khadija Gbla Human Rights Activist
Adrian Robledo
Liam Dooley
Laura Button (ASU member/ community worker)
Aliya Ahmad (Democracy in Colour, MEAA member)
Alex Topfer
Matilda Dixon-Smith (academic, NTEU)
Lillian Hull
Jeffrey Simpson (NTEU member)
Jez Heywood (AUWU)
Mandy Beaumont (Writer, PhD researcher RMIT, NTEU member)
Sue Mandley organiser AEU
Neha Pauly (Student)
Lauren Steel (AEU member)
Sally Lewis
Mike Blackney, concerned citizen
Alexandra Duguid
Pauline Pope ex ASU retired worker
Sarah Thompson (musician)
Lee Valentine (University of Melbourne)
Joanne Preece (AMWU Delegate)
Lena Li (Arts worker, MEAA member)
Alfie Sherrell
Social worker/immigrant/working in the homelessness sector
Roan Scott (Student)
Finola Laughren/ Honours student/ Refugee Action Coalition Sydney
Morgan Jones (NTEU)
Lachlan Wyness (student)
R. Silver
Dr Ruth Mitchell, Neurosurgeon, Activist.
Amber Ralph (mental health worker/student)
Massimo Amerena, Monash Indigenous Studies Centre
Stephanie Gray (teacher)
Rhys Pope (social media specialist)
Yiwei Deng ( student)
Ana Frei
Lex King
Megan Maurice (Media & Comms Officer)
Antuong Nguyen (Film Director, University lecturer)
Dr Emma Russell (NTEU)
Leon Rice-Whetton
Gayathri Shanmukhasundaram
Caitlin Bull, Registered Music Therapist, member of the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association
Brooke Robertson (Student)
Catherine Huang
Aashna Pillay (Student)
Namra Mohammed (POC)
Kati Elizabeth (NTEU Member)
Jamie Sellers, student
Kate Molenkamp (Student)
Amy Proll (student)
Maddy Blay (student,ASU member)
Melanie OConnor (FSU Member)
Riley Taylor (Student)
Beaurey Chan
Sara (Community Health Nurse/ MPH student)
Georgia T
Taylor Redwood (NTEU & TSU member)
Laura Abela
Darcey Mitchell (Student/United Workers Union)
Alessandra Chinsen (United Workers Union)
Ms Gaura Bale
Dr Emily Barber
Samuel Shayler (Hospitality Manager/Chef)
Sharmini Kunjan
Christopher White
Max Draper (Filmmaker)
Max Draper (Filmmaker)
Danni McGrath (AMWU member)
Anika (student)
Murphy Woods
Kathryn Birsa
Michelle Mennie (ASU member)
Joshua Allen
Necho Brocchi (Support Worker)
Jaklene Vukasinovic
Ariel Ries
Leon Arnott (open-source software developer)
Dana Walters
India Farmer
Jake Lawrence (Illustrator)
Anita Solak (Student, Poet & Writer)
Hannah CH
Emily Busch
Lindsay McCabe, NTEU Member
Khadija Wilson (Student)
Bella Himmelreich (ASU member, Young Campaigns)
Jules LeFevre
Elyse Lewthwaite
Diimpa (musician)
Fi Belcher (Deputy Principal, Medley College, University of Melbourne)
Antonia (Self-employed)
Aisha Lipovica
Harriette Pilbeam
M. Flock (Student)
Amy Wright (University Lecturer)
Imogen Money
Beth Marsden (NTEU member)
Melanie Davey (Outdoor Educator and Mental Health Trainer))
Bridget Bourke (student)
Isobel Beasley (Student, University of Melbourne)
Savaughn Guzman (student)
Alex Maher (ASU Member)
Damon Branecki (MEAA member)
Matthew Kneller (department manager/mutual-aid coordinator)
Charlene (writer)
Caitlin Ronken
Rochelle Soliman (Horticulturist & Photographer)
Lauren Farquhar
Claudia Talon (The University of Melbourne)
Iluka Brouwer
Polina Mokhova (student)
Rasheeda Wilson (Student)
Tanya H (student)
Veronica Gawlik (student)
Claire Wilshire (writer, librarian)
Pippa Willcox (BA and poet)
Elliott Lauren (3051 Resident)
Mikaela H
Riley R H
Taj lyons
Natarsha Kershaw
Colette leber/ASU member
Sarah Carayiannis
Simo Soo (musician)
Stevie Z (Anticolonial Asian Alliance)
Student, Hospo Voice
Georgia McDonald
Desiree Cai, ASU member
Samuel Rowe
Amy Broomhall (Psych undergrad/ essential services/ United)
Clementine Day
Eve Gill
Abbey Rich (artist)
Hannah Warne-Smith (ASU Member)
Louis Calkin (producer)
Catherine Weiss (Anticolonial Asian Alliance, NTEU, ASU)
Tom Morris (Consultant, Special Needs Volunteer)
Aidan George (RAFFWU member)
Steven Finch (Co-director Paper Mountain, Artist)
Julia Sarteschi
Karen V (educator)
Alex Gallagher
Alec Reade (New Wayfinders)
Tahlia Bowden (teacher)
Dr Paboda Ratnayake Mudiyanselage ASMOF
Jade Marie Elford, registered nurse.
Gennivieve Collier (teacher, artist)
Ruby Bugeja
Madeleine Spry
Simon Potikoglu
David Stavanger Poet/Editor/Arts Producer
Dr Elliot Dolan-Evans, NETU
Veronica Judge (arts worker)
Gayatri C (student)
Summer Cai
Rebecca Reeves (ASU member)
Evan Young
Neroli Thomas
Wesley Grey (AWU member)
Trevor Murray
Pania Elmsly
Bria Bovell
Helen Whooley (CFMEU)
Jenica Macanas (Student)
OSCAR DUNSCOMBE (Melbourne Health worker)
Alice Bishop (writer)
Skomes (Musician)
Lena Morris (student)
Trent Stephens (Primary School Teacher)
Katrina Cunningham (former Teacher)
Rachael Hocking
Jessica Tan
Jules Wilkinson (Health Worket, HWU, 3031 Resident)
Amelia Taylor (CPSU, Section Councillor)
Yvette Scholtmeyer
Maki Morita (student)
Madison Carroll
Holly Joan
Patrick Shaw (Delegate/MEAA)
Annie Milton
Samuel Douglas (Casual Academic, rank & file NTEU member, University of Newcastle)
Lachlan Hadley (Student)
(Student, the university of Melbourne)
Ellie Dimitroff
Christine Zhou (student)
Alana Lentin, Western Sydney University
Alex Goodrich
Vanessa Giron (writer and editor)
Holly Borich
Jess Rodriguez
Pablo Alvarez (AMWU Member)
Beth Drayton
Suneel Jethani (Lecturer, NTEU, University of Melbourne)
Bridget Oag
Mr Angus Kenny / casual teaching staff / NTEU / RMIT University
Anna Marrone
Sabrina Gewargis
Member, Professionals Australia
Bridget Caldwell-Bright, Editor
Emily Duncan (student)
Justin Shaw (Medical Student, SVHA)
Catherine Bouris (MEAA Federal Council member)
Shawna Marks/PhD researcher, educator and speaker/NTEU/Flinders University, Swinburne University, and freelance
Elyce Phillips
Victoria Hannan
Ben Silverstein, NTEU member
Penny MacGillivray
Madeleine McCormack, ASU Member
Lucy Higgins
M Matear
Maille Halloran (retail worker and student)
Meera Fernandes
Steve Wright
Paris Hadfield (NTEU member)
Georgah Crane
Tyger-Lee Baise
Jacob Gillard (MEAA member)
James Ferguson (Kitchen Hand)
Bernie Hearts
Kasia Lynch (Teacher)
June Lamb (teacher)
Grace Aldridge (Provisional Psychologist and PhD candidate)
Dan Younger (Educator, RMIT)
Meadhbh Bell
Huw Parkinson (video editor)
Rhiannon Evans
Rosita Fernandes - Travel Manager
Maeve Marsden (MEAA member)
Cooper C - Student
Jessica Neath (NTEU member)
Callum Lodding.
Amrita Tarr, PhD Candidate and Finance Broker
Tri Liston
Tom Raue (Union organiser and USU member)
Erika McKenna
Eliza Tehan (Nursing Assistant)
Vivienne Kruckow
Bailie Erbacher
Saaro Umar
Tam Bower (Artist)
Charlie Bernard-Unkovich
Matilda Sheridan
Susan Reid Artist/Lawyer/PhD Candidate
Sam Rodgers
Adam Donnelly, public high school teacher and union member
Catharine Stenmark (Student)
Amelia Kirk-harkin (CFMEU member)
William Bevens, PhD Candidate, NTEU
Briar McLeod
Claire Stollery
Alexandra Emilija Nemaric (Artist & Cabinet Maker)
Eric Butler (cinema worker)
Bridie Shepherd
Imesha Vitanege (student)
Ohad Kozminsky (AEU member)
Peter Murray. RTBU member (retired)
Rebecca Wong (student)
Jacqueline Luty
Pailene Lim (Science Undergrad)
Ruth H (Unite in UK, previously CPSU)
Cheryl Kaulfuss (ISJA Melbourne)
Rose Freeman (VIC)
Melia Rayner
John Brooks, teacher, AEU member
Rain Tyler
Anette Johannessen
Cameron Hurst (HospoVoice Member)
Dusty Reid (Hospo voice member)
Tawnee Donaldson
Penelope Wilson (Freelance Digital Marketer)
Kate Stevenson (Family Support Worker/ASU Member)
Riley w
Manal Shehab/Director/Sisters4Sisters Support Services
Alex Neill (Producer, CPSU member)
Veronica Campbell
Hiba Casablanca (ASU/MEAA member)
Alexander Bennetts
Ruby McGrath-Lester- NDIS Support Coordinator
Caitlin Molloy
Pey Chi (artist)
Igor Hill (photographer)
Rachel Bostock (Events Coordinator)
Sarah - (mental health worker)
Crystal (freelancer + creative)
Sarah Hanlin (mental health worker)
Helen Lawrence (VTUC)
Fleur Summers (Lecturer, RMIT University, NTEU)
Keegan Costley
Connor Jolley PhD candidate NTEU delegate RMIT University
Grace/ graduate architect
Kurin Lelean (Student)
Rebecca Bracewell (Student)
Shanyn Serena
Aiden Parlby AMWU delegate
Oliver MacNeil
Natalie Butler (Law Student)
Kat Sims. CEO
Darcy M (Student)
Catalina L.H. Wellington
Danielle Arbaci
Emily Fielding
Jasmine Scully (Student)
Holly Keys
Rebecca Bracewell (student)
Stanley Foster ASU member
Lisa Von Fersen
Amira Hajar (AUWU member)
Jasmine H (Student)
Kay Armstrong AUWU
Lillian P.
James B (ASU Rank and file)
Anthea Vayonitis
Nikki Morgan
Sarah Davies (One Woman Project)
Jasmine Greenwood
Sienna McKie (student)
Jeremy Worrall
Ella Sowinska
Farzan Yazdi
Warren Gracie
Bella Caruana-Gordon
Tamar Hopkins
Arianne Bulanos (UNSW Masters student)
Madeliene Evgeniadis
Melissa Mills
Sky Carrall (Student)
Emma Rayward (NTEU member, PhD candidate, WSU)
Nathan Sheldon-Anderson
Emily Loynd (Student, Hospitality worker & Hospo Voice union member)
Tori Hobbs (Registered Nurse, ANMF member)
Tahlia Ennis (RMIT)
Rebecca Nicholson
Cordelia Lean (Student)
Zibby Valtenbergs
Kathy Qian (Butcher Counterhand)
Madeleine Thornton-Smith, visual artist/tutor/carer, ASU & HACSU member
Ashleigh Hall (Student)
Jen Reid (Stay at home mum/student B.Sc(Health Sciences)
Lily Fairhall (retail worker)
Isobel Hammel (NTEU member)
Nadia (CPSU member)
Cassie Tongue
Alex Carlyle
Clem Bastow (tutor & researcher, NTEU & MEAA member)
Miss Elena Chamberlain
Holly Russell
Tom Hume (Student, AUWU member)
Dave McDonald, NTEU Member
Nolan Murphy
Ainsley Gee
Pauline Müller
Charlotte Thomson
Joey Burford (theatre-maker and retail worker)
Rafi A (ASU)
Sophie Aylmore
Claudia Adams
Vanessa Morse
Jess Pinney (Artist and PhD candidate, NAVA, RMIT)
Prince Sedulo
Sarah Ujmaia (Artist, HDR student & teaching associate, Monash University)
Hannah McCann, lecturer (NTEU)
Phoebe Bacon
Martin Cooke (Director) First Chapter Agency
Adam Spellicy/Lecturer/NTEU/RMIT
Ally Phillipou/student
Timoyhy McDonald
Nell Butler, library technician, ALIA.
Amir Mahdavian
Veronica Shewan
Stephen Dixon / animator
Bridie Greene (UWU official, ASU member, student)
Miss R (student)
Camille Gierck, Swinburne University
Ilia Farah Rosli
Sofie Lemaire
Liss Gabb ASU member
Mark Szwadiak (student)
James Van Oirschot (student)
Steven Luks Healthcare Worker
Natalie Ayoub (Artist)
Catherine de Sousa
Rebecca adams (carer)
Meg Mullins
Meg Mullins
Polat Yazgan
Neil Cabatingan
Helena Gallacher
Harriet Wallace-Mead
Danielle Svede-Lawyer-CPSU member
Oliver Vuillermin
B.P. McCrabb (student)
Jo Eaton
Rei Alphonso - Flat Out Inc
Pippa Wright
Emma Parkinson (ASU member)
Jananie Janarthana (political & community campaigns organiser, CPSU)
Gabs Collie (Rudy.V / Artist)
Peita Keir (student)
Jack Tamblyn
Julian Bettoli (Store Manager, Goodbyes)
Sunny Cerff (Student RMIT)
Quentin P (writer, artist, AUWU member)
Samin Siddiqui(software engineer)
Mrs Jessie Fairhall (BA (Welfare), Teacher)
Mrs Jessie Fairhall (BA (Welfare), Teacher)
Alex Ford-Webb
Sophia Nasser (Student)
A.H. Cayley (MEAA member)
Lil Longman (student)
Lyle Allen (Makepeace) (Pacific Climate Warrior/Artist)
Fiona Andrews (Paralegal. Student)
Jenny Trinh
Eren Cifcioglu (Retail Assistant)
Carina Rae (student)
Joh D’Costa (UX Designer)
Julia Griffin
Salirian Claff (academic, NTEU member)
Dettie Browne, social worker, ASU
Shayla Saunders (student, previous Emergency service cadet)
Shan Windscript, PhD student, University of Melbourne NTEU branch committee member
Laura Coffey (student)
Madeleine Downes
Bronwyn T (homelessness case worker, ASU member)
Rebecca Elliott
Finbar Drown. Heretaunga
Manisha Viyakesparan
Aaron Wallace (Primary school teacher)
Klementyna Kuligowski (Usyd Student)
Jamali B (IWW, Student)
Jordan Watts
Alice McDonald (ASU member)
Rahma (Student)
Thomas Wilkinson
Sophia Smithwick
Robyn Smithwick
Janel Yau, Producer (CPSU member)
Amasha Samaratunge (Student)
Kim Kruger (NTEU member)
Phoebe Beveridge
yvonne learmonth
Rosie Murray (University of Melbourne)
Rachael Bor (Art Educator, Australian Education Union)
Sam Hobson (Sessional Academic, QUT)
Georgia Mein/Artist/teacher/researcher
Felicity Yang
Shane Bazzi (AUWU member)
Aaneke Fitzgerald (student)
Rachel Zeng (USU member/ UWU)
Sue Bolton, Moreland councillor, Socialist Alliance member & public housing acdtivist
Holly Orsag - Ethical Sourcing Specialist
Vanessa Godden
Kelin Huang (architect)
Toan - Student
Sarah Garrecht
Anita Davies
Trish Roan (artist, disability support worker, HWU member)
Freya Scott
James Mitchelhill (AEU)
Adele Wilkes (Artist)
Dr Mark Bahnisch, NTEU member
Alyssa Sullivan
Yvonne McAulay
Delali Zevon-Aniakwah (Artist)
Hector Warren Fraser (Student)
Ashley Hollow
Elle Anastasiou (Art historian and student at Princeton, independent curator)
Shakira Donovan
Sarah Stockman
Brittanie Chandler
Olivia Simpson
Helina M
Kim Tan
Miss Rachael Nielsen (tarot reader) Vic
James M B Davison
Eamon McNelis (Musician, MEAA)
Lesley Larson
Eloisa Rodriguez-Knights (musician)
Kristin O’Connell, Acting Communications Officer, Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union
Robyn Oxley/ Lecturer/ WSU/ NTEU
David Abkiewicz (CPSU member)
Madeline Hayman-Reber, Indigenous Affairs Journalist
Sarita Mistry (Architectural student)
Whitney Yip (Comms Coordinator, RDI Network)
Samantha Vásquez
Brooke Hammond/seamstress
Candice (mum)
Sathya Thavendran (Student)
Justyn Koh (Teacher and AEU Member)
Brianna Bullivant
Lecturer/Academic, La Trobe University
Dr Gávi Ansara, Ansara Psychotherapy / Imanadari Counselling Melbourne
Lauren Mills
James B. Young artisan
Business owner
Robbie Whyte
Phd Candidate/ Publisher“
Amber Forbes
Nicole McGuffog (Graphic Designer)
Ginger Valentine (writer)
Max Burgess
Tess Allas (Curator)
Finn Teiniker
Isabella Gleeson (public health postgraduate)
Hannah Allison-batt
Olive Royal
Nathan Dorey
Jane Harkin
Michael O'Dwyer
Mr Floyd Kermode, Teacher, AEU, NTEU
Daniel Bond (CPSU workplace delegate)
Hannah Gray
Ana Hernandez
Luka Ritter (academic support worker & student / NTEU)
Scarlet Perkins
Kimberly Clarke
Jenna Lawless (retail worker)
Julie Ballangarry / PhD Candidate
Elizabeth Toy (CPSU and AUWU solidarity member)
Alisoun Townsend (student nurse & midwife; housekeeper/ IWW/ ANMF)
Primary School Teacher
Amy Wauchop, United Workers member
Keryn Fischer / Marketing
Lucinda Walravens (Event Coordinator)
Kelly Armiger, ASU member
Sara Saleh (Writer, GetUp Director)
Julia Davies (teacher)
Jack Poppert (UNSW A&D Student Council President)
Aubrey O'laco
Jordan Beckerleg - HospoVoice Member
Jackson Langford (Journalist)
Liam Marsh (AUWU MEMBER)
Dhakshayini Sooriyakumaran
Sophie Brown, Massey University New Zealand
Lauren Parker (Teacher)
Beth Jabornik Social Worker, teacher and community activist
Gabriella Foreman (Masters Student, University of Auckland)
Jake Strasser (game developer)
Sharni Fitzgerald
Joelene Jenkins (Marketing Manager)
Sonja lord
Student and Artist
Iona Pical/student
Simona Castricum
Brad East (Artist/Student/RMIT)
Ruby Leonard (Social Work Student, Hospo worker, UWU)
Kayla Pulice
Michael Livingston, NTEU member
Sam Hoadley
Eleni Christou (Researcher)
Dominique Caesar, Social Worker, ASU Member
Joel Wilson, Musician
Caitlin McGrane (NTEU member)
Samuel Hall
Sunny Baek
Bridget Thompson
Sam Bateman, CPSU delegate
Sayaka Sayeed/Engineer McConnell Dowell/University of Melboure Master's Student
Homelessness support worker at Haven, Home Safe
India Rose - Homelessness worker
Kylie Newman (ASU)
Bee Hobbs
Jacqueline Larcombe/Educator
Matilda Lawlwss (sex worker & writer)
Jonathan Skovron
Diva Sabharwal
Julia Moerman Hellman (freelance video editor)
Lilith Silva (student)
Tayla Clarke
Meghan Smith - student
Scott Watkins (CFMMEU/AUWU)
Darcy Hytt (Student)
Nikita Vanderbyl (Dr/Historian/NTEU/La Trobe)
Immy Chuah
Jarryd Robertson
Klara Oreskovic (CPSU)
Diyana (student)
Marie-Claire Geach (architect)
Greg Sher
Jade Thorsen (teacher)
Laura Cook, PhD candidate, University of Melbourne, NTEU member
Alana West (NTEU)
Joanne Tissington
Chris Sherrell
Joseph Pugliese, Professor, Macquarie University
Felicity Ford (researcher, University of Melbourne)
Jessica Nevill
Katelyn Jones (Graduate Lawyer)
R. Streader (mental health worker) 3056
Mitchell Pomeroy
Sarah Hocquard
Annie Sloman
Sarah Ngo (Student)
Amelia hedges/student
Grace Fray (Special Education Teacher)
Ellis E
Tatanja Ross
Dr Yves Rees (Lecturer, La Trobe University; NTEU member)
Hannah Poureisa (union activist)
Youth Worker
Carter Fredericks de Araujo (Collective Member in Tio'Tia:ke
Laura Cordero (Writer/designer)
Hannah Marshall, arts worker
Elijah Bartholomew (student)
Jenni Wentworth (educator)
Maudie Osborne (student, activist, member of RAFFWU)
Cameron Bowles (Insurance, IAG)
Rachel Middleton (Registered Nurse, NSWNMA member)
Amanda Miller
Joel Dixon (Aboriginal Youth Worker)
Jessie Scott (Artist, Teacher)
Holly Jones (health care worker)
Jeremy Wells. Medical scientist. MSAV. Monash Health
Anne Gilbee (CPSU member)
Rinn Hubbard / Student
Louisa Minutillo
Jordan Kettle (Student)
Jordan Martin-MacKay- a normal person who can see this is beyond ridiculous, sort it out now
Monica Ludekens
Kate Pern (ASU Member)
Dinithi Samarawickrama
Roxanne Hamilton, student
Anika Kalotay
Lashna Tuschewski
Liam Donohoe (President, USyd SRC)
Liz Thompson, migration agent
Jack Stobart
Ben Butcher/teacher/AEU/Warringa Park School
Ms Jenaya Cooper Community support at BasicNeeds Australia
Claire Mulraney (Student)
Sean Pickard Anti racist Activist
Nicole Thibault
Nicole Thibault
Kirsty Davies/HWU/delegate
Financial Counsellor
Samual Jones
Em Gayfer (United Workers Union Member)
Kerry Davies Family Violence Case Manager ASU Delegate
Ruby Foley (Student, Unimelb)
Hannah. Artists
Stephen Palmer (Academic)
Elinor Summers
Olivia Bridges
Sabah Noor, student, the University of Melbourne
Jason Chaplin (Redgum Cleaning Cooperative/UWU member)
Amy Gordon ASU
Natalie (AEU Member)
William Duan
Sarah/delivery driver/uber eats
Erina Sha (Student)
Christian D (ASU VicTas delegate)
Ms Lacey Gifford
Dr Jessica Birnie-Smith (Lecturer/Academic, La Trobe University)
Jonathan Trofimiuk (Landscaper)
Maria Hansen (Student)
Katie Murphy
Ella Ricca
Morgaine Presser Fabricator AMWU
Lisa Farrell (AOD Worker/ASU member/Thorne Harbour Health
Adrian Jung
Xen Nhà (documentary maker)
Lealah Shostak-Herber (student)
Ainslee Meredith (ASU member & PhD candidate)
Maya Hodge
Julia Catania (student)
Hannah Yared (PhD Candidate & Prov Psych)
Sophia Chakma Hill (student)
Chelsea Rozario (student)
Emma Younger (Student)
Kate Thompson (student)
Charity Lane (student)
Cai Fong
Samuel de Zoete (SDA member)
Clare Strongman (cashier, SDA)
Clare Strongman (cashier, SDA)
Law admin
Kim Croxford (journalist)
James Palmer (RAFFWU and AUWU member)
Mackenzie Benato
Catherine Connolly
Heather Seely
Ripley Kavara (artist & youth worker)
Melissa O'Donnell, Lawyer
Jessica Blume- business owner.
Rhiannon Purves (Postgraduate Student and teaching assistant VUW)
Victoria Paterson (Artist)
Deb Harris
Margaux Smith (Marketing professional/resident of 3057)
Katherine Rooke
Tamika Rosner (Student)
Merinda Dias-Jayasinha (Musician, teacher, & MEAA member)
Michael Furner (NTEU Member)
Jed Wolki
Michelle Croughan (NTEU member, Monash University)
Ellen O'Brien
Abigail Javier (hospitality worker)
Shaun Branden (Indigenous Protected Area Coordinator)
Dr. Joana Costa (Environmental Consultant)
Dr. Joana Costa (Environmental Consultant)
Isabella Mrljak (Student/ Housing Defence Coalition Sydney)
Sage O’Neill
Scott Lillie (student, NTEU member)
Bianca Lyla Clifford (artist/framer)
Daniel Hedington (Artist/Worker)
Petra Blagojevic (ASU member / FV worker Switchboard Victoria / Undercurrent Victoria / IRL Infoshop Mutual Aid)
Tom McLean
Megan W
Olivia Timothy
Kathryn Joy (MEAA member)
Ann Davies Retired ASU member, member RUN
Nicola Hodgkinson
Isabella Hone-Saunders (arts worker)
Francis Hopkins
Natasha Acosta (UWU member)
Natasha Graham (casual employee)
Ruby Perryman
Harriet Hunt (midwife, ANMF member, Western Health)
Tasha Jade (student)
Adina Thavisin (Communications Manager)
Momoka Yoshida (student)
Asha Madge
Saskia Doherty (Australian Services Union)
Tim Cochrane (Food Services Attendant)
Fahreen Alamgir, Lecturer, Monash University
Lucy Helft
Gene Melzack (NTEU member)
William Scates Frances (NTEU member)
Lauren (essential worker, RAFFWU member)
Daniel Hedington (Artist/Worker)
Angus McGrath
Kirsti Gorringe
Tom Gilfillan
Pauline McLoughlin Senior Policy Officer
Vivian Cooper (Arts Worker, NTEU member)
Adelaide Short (tradeswoman/disability career)
Gaye Demanuele WACA & UWU member.
Mia Allen (convenor, Victorian Student Environment Network)
Michael Elliot-Jones
Nick Fleming
Symran Saggar, student
Katie Hansord
Amelia Peterson (Youth Worker, RMIT Bachelor of Social Work, former public housing tenant)
Tamara Natt (Writer, Artist)
Rosanna Stevens (Communications Officer)
Bonnie leaver (Student)
Stephanie Watt
Dannielle Bassett, Victorian Resident
Dr Ruth Richards, NTEU Member
Amelia Peterson (Youth Worker, RMIT Bachelor of Social Work, former public public housing kid)
Amelia Peterson (Youth Worker, RMIT Bachelor of Social Work, former public public housing kid)
Dylan Michel (myotherapist)
Georgia Doughty
Bess Davey AEU member
Helen Ngo (NTEU member)
Loni Thomson
Caleigh O’Callaghan (student)
Kaitlyn Secker (Musician and community member)
Sam O'Neill (Teacher)
Kate Mallyon - concerned citizen
Alison Evans (writer)
Jacob Antoine (student/hospo voice member)
Darcy W
Wade Gilmour
jazmyn walkin
Eloise Gopdhew (student)
Tamara Westwood (higher education administration)
Lloyd White - Lecturer and NTEU member
Louis Anderson Mokak
Josefina Huq
Peter Duggan (NTEU member)
Mel Campbell (journalist/author/editor/academic, MEAA)
Tristan Ryan (PSA, NTEU)
Jennifer Barry/ arts writer, critic, producer
Sigrid Edwards/Student
Mardi O'Connor, MEAA Industrial Officer
NTEU member
Fiona Taylor, AEU
Michael Graham (Phd Candidate, University of Melbourne)
Ursula Robinson-Shaw (PhD candidate & NTEU member)
Sean Mijares
Victor Campano
Luara Karlson-Carp, Unimelb, NTEU member
Allen Tong
Lachie Pham
Rosa Budiman (Student)
Fiona Finlayson (ASU and AUWU)
Aleisha Goodwin, RMIT Social work student.
Simone (Union member)
Billy Smith Management Consultant
Ayaan Qani (Student, Youth Worker)
Hella Ibrahim (Djed Press director)
Mietta Greig-Hurtig (UWU member)
David Haidon (MEAA and ASU Private member)
Mira Kurbanova
Michelle Macklem
Rowan Kirby-Brown (Student, ASEN)
Kiri Davies (Social Worker)
Leah Runting
Holly Edward
Jack Hewitt (AUWU)
Julien Wilson (MEAA member)
Robert Close ASU member, Young Workers Centre Volunteer
Rachael Scalzo (student)
Melanie Cooper
Connor Hanna (student)
Hilary Green, teacher
Lidia bier (healthworker)
Gabby Beaumont
Marketing consultant
Aaron C Rees (NTEU Member)
Misty Flood (Mother, casual retail associate)
Melissa S Teacher/ AEU member
Isabella Millner-Cretney (MFA Student)
Jessica Friedmann (writer, MEAA member)
Tabitha Sen
Courtney De Wan (disabilities support)
Kristina G
Kaylee Azzopardi
Cheryl Ng
James Newbold (MEAA member, NUS NSW Education Vice-President)
Alison Whittaker (academic, PhD candidate, NTEU member)
Rachel Wilson, AEU member
Lew Wheeler Friends of Public Housing Victoria ria
Mitchell McCausland (organiser, Game Workers Unite Australia)
Jessica C (Music Teacher/Grad Student)
Rachel Salby (Member, NTEU)
Jamie Rodgers (student activist)
Mx Ed Griffiths
David Ansen (ASU member)
Geoffrey Hondroudakis (Grad Student at University of Melbourne and NTEU member)
Carolyn D'Cruz (academic)
Ashton Carr - Counsellor
Jacinta Hemingway (teacher, neighbour)
Johanna Greenway (Managing Director, The Boss Experience Agency)
Stuart Govan IWW
Michelle Stanway (OOHC Provider)
Magdalena Sliwinska
Elana Ramadan (Student)
Tom Webster high school student and SS4C organiser
Elizabeth Castle
Nicklaus Mahony (ASU member)
Connie Chen
Katherine FitzHywel PhD Candidate UoM
Roma williams
Kai Takeuchi
Megan Gilsenan (Teacher)
Leigh Milward, teacher, NTEU.
Rhoda Makur (Student)
Max Bray (student)
Elliot Reeh
Olivia Chin (family violence practitioner)
Olivia Chin (family violence practitioner)
Renee - RMIT student
Tully Coldrey (student)
Daniel Barrett (Hospitality worker)
Sebastian Gutierrez-Hood (Student/Young Labor Left)
Esther Le Couteur (Student)
Avara Walker
Elliot Raphael (Registered Nurse/ANMF)
Cian Galea (National Industrial Office/Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance)
Lachlan Good (Parra-Hills Young Labor Association)
Kathleen Galea, hotel worker, OHS rep, United Voice
Jesse Kalic (NTEU member)
Rosemarie Kyaw Maung (litigation assistant)
Retail Assistant/RAFFWU
Freya Vincent
Rhen Soggee
Gemma (Concerned Citizen)
Robert Stainsby, CPSU member
Anne, student, RMIT University
Jesse Kalic (NTEU member)
Ryan Gibson - Actor/Soka Gakkai International
Nicholas Daniel NTEU
Grace Plumridge (Student)
James Miranda (Student, MEAA member)
E Regvart
Pedro / Engineer
Annette Lin, journalist
Charlotte (student)
Marika Tamer (DSW/Hacsu)
Bronte M (PhD Candidate, Deakin University)
Human Rights
Synti Ng (Farmer)
Ann Norton, Organiser, AMWU
Sophie Callard CPSU Organiser
Disability support carer
Caspar Cumming (Father/Student/Activist/Advocate/Industrial Workers of the World Naarm)
Kate Curtis
Dr Ava Roubin (TCM)/Health Practitioner/APRHA
Olivia Henry (clinical researcher)
Amy Pettifer, CPSU member
Anna kimberley, Registered Nurse
Luke Brand, (Student)
Samuel Willoughby
Michael Longmore (ASU member)
Clare Carmody
Jessica Lienert
Nae Convey (AUWU Member)
Nina Cheles-McLean (Law Clerk)
Gabriel Lillington (student,IWW)
Bri Aldersea (AUWU member)
Liz Gibson, Ngai Tahu, Aquatic Ecologist
Morgan sterley
Ebony Rose (student)
Tiffany Ackroyd
Ariam Merid - ANU Sponsored Students administrator
Ella Ballinger (Teacher)
Clare De Mayo
President, Victorian Socialists
Andrew Charles, President, Victorian Socialists
Jessica Stott Service Delivery Manager WIRE
Rory McMaster(Student)
TextaQueen (artist)
Mietta van Dam / ANMF job rep
Sheridan Noble
Georgia Sproule (UWU organiser)
Indi Jennings (student)
Daniella Tsantevski
Isobel Jermieson
Raynen O'Keefe (Artist/peer worker/support worker)
Ella mcgrath
Phoebe Lorenz (teacher and AEU member)
Jasmine pilbrow human rights worker
Vera Boylen (Student, UMSU)
Jessica Priemus (designer/academic)
Christobel Elliott, Youth Development Practitioner, Drummond Street Services
Matt Beanland (Shop Bao Ngoc)
Stephanie Liew
Yura Iwama
Greer Clemens (Graduate Researcher, University of Melbourne)
Sophie Chiew
Mariam Elliott / Arabic and Sudanese Arabic interpreter
Fatma/ educator / health care worker
Fatma/ educator / health care worker
Fatma/ educator / health care worker
Shea Grace - Student
Stefan Baral, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Bahar Sayed
Trent Stevens
Emma Cooper (AMWU Member)
Alex Streich, SDA Union member
Chris Bertoli/UWU member
Andrew Rawson (student)
David John Claudie
Leah Avene
Eleni Paras (RTBU member, train driver)
Elvis Barlow-Smith
Amy Griffin (Enrolled Nurse/studying Bachelor of Social Work)
Rachel Clausen Administration Officer
Zachary Abdilla
Avanthi Tilakaratne (Anticolonial Asian Alliance)
Skye Davey
Maddee Clark (Writer)
Persia Hethorn-Faulkner (University student)
Sharru Blythe (Registered Nurse)
Jessie Turner
Arika Onus (Gunditjmara Gunnai Curator Of Sovereign Interventions)
Lucy Dodd (MEAA member)
Brett Lee (First Nations Liaison Officer AFL Sports Ready
Alfred Lowe (Aboriginal Health Council of SA, HSU)
brooke fiddian (student)
Sarah Mulhall (PhD Student)
Cathryn Murdoch (Indigenous Social Justice Association Melb
Mi Nguyen, Communications Officers, ASU
Jetaime Bersee (Undercurrent Member)
Caitlin Sullivan (unemployed due to coronavirus)
Jahan Rezakhanlou (Living Languages, AAA)
Breanna Mason| Human Being | RAFFWU Member
Nathania (Student)
David James Young (freelance journalist and podcaster)
Madeleine Russo (AUWU)
Kelsey Oldham (MEAA member)
Bridget Griffiths (3031 resident)
Anushia Andrews (community mental health worker)
Freya Hughes (Student)
Ed (Library Officer/NETU member)
Phoebe Mason (MEAA Member)
Nasaj Brown
Lydia Connolly-Hiatt (artist/ sex educator)
Nicole Shaw (Mental Health Clinician)
grace turner
Vanessa Flynn - student
Dominic Cradick (student, NTEU and ASU member)
Amelia Cobb
Tanyka Matthia (student)
Lois (Student)
Eleanor Coffey (member of Redgum Cleaning Cooperative, United Workers Union)
Renaee Churches
Linx Wiebrands
Elain D. ASU
Rosie D’Aquino (student)
Judy Fernandez organiser Cpsu
Dr Zuleyka Zevallos, Applied Sociologist
Christopher O'Neill (NTEU)
Saskia Peachey (ASU)
Ada Coxall (Student, NTEU Delegate)
Georgie Gifford
Mitchell Cherry United Workers Union
Nathan Gardner, Casual Employee, NTEU, University of Melbourne
Dominic Guerrera (Aboriginal Health Educator, Writer and Artist)
Samantha Iqbal
Bailey Sharp (NTEU / MEAA)
Masha Jeronimus (EAL Teacher)
Fleur Dunbabin
Fleur Dunbabin (youth worker student)
Vanessa Andres - Teacher
Sally Jones (lawyer)
Tara Nipe (RN, ANMF)
Greg Platt (UWU Member)
Alice Aybuke Bal
Nurhan Bal
Antonio De Marte
Tara Peiris (Early Childhood Educator)
Billie Tufuga (hospo worker)
Kieran Kelly
Zachary Pidd (freelance artist)
Rose Simonsen (Enrolled Nurse and Student)
S Griffin
Sky Adelic
Ileini Kabalan
Ben Rodin (Writer, MEAA Member)
Ezekiel Ox (activist/unionist)
Liam Hewitt
Tommy Cameron (Electrical Trades Union - Vic)
Phoebe Stewart (Disability support worker)
Joshua Sankey (secondary teacher, AEU member)
Unemployed Workers Union
Ruby Todd (NTEU/ASU)
Lucy Rossen
Ariel Gross (CPSU - member)
Chloe Dean (Psychology Student / Support worker)
Cleaner, Redgum Cleaning Cooperative, United Workers Union
Farida Iqbal (cleaner, United Workers Union, Redgum Cleaning Cooperative)
Matthew Plumb (UWU)
Molly Dale (AEU member)
Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher (artist/student/retail worker)
Christine Fenton (UWU member)
Fahreen Alamgir, Monash University
Elle McClure (journalist)
Jessica Stone (CPSU Member)
Zoë Kalenderidis
Peter Edwin Lumsdon
Lucy Orr
Meredith Uborka
Matthew Plumb (UWU)
Christian Proctor
Ruby Hunter-Murphy
Gabrielle Aston (student)
Leilani Turner - Artist
Tresa LeClerc (academic/writer/NTEU)
Alex Campbell (student)
Jessica Moody
Scheherazade Bloul (PhD candidate and researcher, Deakin University)
Charlotte Lynch (Social Work Student RMIT)
Yumi Luff, Social Worker (ASU)
Jet Hunt (Casual Tutor, NTEU Member)
Cara Morrissy (ASU member)
Susanna Julian
Leilani Turner - Artist
Nita Okoko (NTEU)
Zoe Stephenson
Mick Roe (AEU, MEAA)
Gemma Tarpey-Brown
Chad Toprak (Director, Freeplay)
Kathleen Riach, Business School Professor
Theresa Jolley (ASU member)
Susan Mayson Academic
Georgia Ngo (4th year medical student)
Matthew McCabe (teacher, AEU member)
Lee Osmond
Caitlin Woodland, United Workers Union Delegate
Tom Martin (NTEU, RMIT)
Kalarra Tregonning (IWW member, paramedic student)
Samantha Forge (MEAA member)
Anna Olivia Burnett
Monica Campbell (qsr manager)
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