Effective Altruism Austria Community
Welcome to the Effective Altruism Austria Community Form! It consists of two parts, that are oriented towards two goals:
1 Informal sign-up to the community, introducing yourself to the other members by offering some contact details so that you can get support on your impact journey and add to the ones of others
2 More in-depth questions (optional) to inform the organizing team
The default is, that the first part of the questions is shared with others who sign up. Or do you prefer to be excluded from the shared community list? *
The excluded part will only be visible to the management board of EA Austria. The other points will only be visible to other people who have signed up to the same list.
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Knowledge about Effective Altruism
A lot
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What is your background and what do you do?
Please give a short description of your job title, where you work, and/or what you do, what you have studied (Especially if you don't have a LinkedIn profile)
What cause(s) do you care most about? Which ones do you consider or plan to work on in the future?
Not important to me
Care about
Care most about
Consider to work on it
Actively plan to work on
Already working on it
Research Policy and infrastructure
Climate Change
Animal Ethics (e.g. factory farming, clean meat...)
Global Poverty
Biomedical Research
Global Priority Research
AI Safety
Immigration Reform
Suffering Risks
Building the EA Movement (e.g. outreach, community management...)
Mental Health
Extinction Risks
Global Health
Improving Institutional Decision-making
The whole far future cluster
Clear selection
What is your current plan to have impact if you have one?
Briefly, what's your current plan for improving the world? (Include causes you care about that are not mentioned above)
GIVE: What can you offer your fellow community members? (skills, knowledge, resources, hobbies to share...)
TAKE: What could your fellow community members potentially help you with, teach you...especially to have more impact?
What kind of events would you wish EA Austria would have more of? *
What project team would you like to work with?
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