Explore Moline!
Moline Public Library's Summer Reading Escape Room-meets-Moline Scavenger Hunt

What follows is a short (and slightly goofy) escape room scenario. In order to navigate and escape the "room" you will need to use your knowledge of Moline. Long-time residents of Moline may not find the questions that challenging but the hope is that younger (or newer) residents of the city might learn about a few interesting places, maybe even going to them in order to better understand the questions and answers (that's the scavenger hunt part). Don't worry, you don't have to travel around to the locations while you are also answering the questions - you can always come back to the form later (or go ahead and answer the questions and then visit the locations later, whatever you want). And, even if you know all the answers, we hope that the questions will inspire you to get out and revisit some of the locations asked about (or anywhere else in Moline). Enjoy!
Summer is finally here! You can't wait to start spending more time outside again after winter and a rainy spring (not to mention 2020). So, you are out for a stroll one fine afternoon along the Mississippi River. You notice a large crack in the path ahead. Do you... *
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