Booking the JCR or JCR TV room
The JCR and JCR TV room can only be booked via this form. If you'd like to book the BB Lecture Theatre or the BB Exhibition Space, please see the Junior Censor's office in Tom 8. If you have any difficulties with this form, please contact David Tipping (
The JCR and JCR TV room should be booked at least 48 hours prior to use. You will receive an email confirming the booking within 24 hours. The JCR reserves the right to refuse a room booking at any point for any reason.
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If alcohol will be present at your event, please fill in this form in order to secure a booking and then include the confirmation email with a party form, delivered to Geraldine Johnson, the Junior Censor (
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By printing your name below, you take full responsibility for the room booked during your event. This involves being present for at least part of the event, ensuring that JCR property is not damaged and cleaning the room after use. If the room is not returned to its original state, you (and any associated club or society) are liable to pay for damaged property and/or cleaning services, and may be barred from booking Christ Church JCR rooms indefinitely.
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