ETOWN SALSA Dance Team Auditions '19-'20
Please note that in being accepted to one of these teams, there is a financial committment. This can range between $50-$200/mth depending if you are accepted into 1 or 2 or possibly 3 teams. We try to avoid any member joining more than 2 teams as this is a big commitment and request in those circumstances that your schedule be completely free from other activities. Please reply as accurate as possible. ex: If your just wanting experience to perform and learn as much in a year, its $120/mth avg.
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Which team or teams would you like to audition for? *
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Select the date you will be able to audition? *
(select only one date to audition for Salsa and/or one date for Bachata. Ex: if only interested in Bachata, just select the Bachata audition date.)
Do you currently or have you taken any dance classes? *
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If you checked off any dance genres in the previous question, please tell us more.
(this includes, years? team experience? travelled with dance? competed? etc.
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What other extracurricular activities , hobbies, or school do you do? *
(select any activities you do regularly and plan to for the upcoming year from Sept'16 to July'17)
If you are planning any of these activities for the upcoming season, please tell us more about it.
(ex: Going to University full-time to finish degree)
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