Istanbul Wisdom Council Application

Assessing Progress to ‘Next Level’ of Significance

The Istanbul Wisdom Council is a unique experience where Council Members convene in circle and discuss their Visions to change the world! Clarify where they're going! Strategize how to get there! Over four days, each Wisdom Council Member collaborates with the Wisdom Council to build a plan to achieve their 'Next Level' of SIGNIFICANCE. Think about it! You'll have time to strategize your path to achieve your monstrous vision and work with Patrick and other Council Members who are changing the way people work and live in our world. One of them may hold the KEY for you to get there faster and with less risk. You may have EXACTLY what another Wisdom Council Member needs to live into their LEGACY! Join us! The first step is to complete this 'Next Level' of Significance Assessment!

Please answer and submit the following questions. Whether you come to the Wisdom Council or not, this is a FANTASTIC way to assess if you're living INTO your Legacy! 

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As clearly as you can, briefly describe your Dream, Ambition, Vision…. your Life's Mission?


What are your top 3 goals to achieve by the end of the year?


What are the 3 Biggest Barriers in achieving your Dream, Ambition, Vision…. your Life's Mission?


Why do you want a seat at the Wisdom Council?


How can you support others on the Wisdom Council?  (Unique talents, experience, wisdom, etc)


If you could ask ONE question in your lifetime, right now, knowing you would receive Absolute Truth, what question would you ask? 

NOTE:  Wisdom Council members will collaborate to continuously refine their questions.


Describe a time when you faced and overcame a huge difficulty or barrier in achieving an important goal.   What did you do? What was your major learning? What was the ultimate outcome?

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